While COVID-19 Cases Surge And Americans Die, Trump Holds Gatherings And Ignores CDC Guideline Protocols To Control The Spread Of The Virus. Instead, He Makes Racial Jokes To Brand The Virus “Chinese” Not ” American” To Deflect Attention From His Total Incompetence And Disinterest In Controlling The Pandemic. Sending People Back To Work And Partying To Boost His Economic Numbers Proves He Is A Dangerous, Narcissistic Opportunist. How Can He Argue COVID Is Dying Out While Europe Bans American Travel Due To America’s Skyrocketing Pandemic Cases?

Trump’s rally in Tulsa and speech Tuesday in Arizona are haunting the psyche of millions of Americans. Watching him invite people into an environment that threatens their health for his political gain is pathological. He might as well be holding a sign that says, ” I don’t care about you. You exist to help me. If you get sick, it’ s not my fault. It was your choice to come.” Watching him joke about the virus, calling it the ” Kung flu,” while people are struggling to breathe on ventilators across this country is both eerie, painful and infuriating. Trump also suggested the government slow down testing, which is more proof that public safety is not a high priority for him.

Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Georgia are among the Trump-loyal states encountering dramatic spikes in COVID infection and hospitalizations. The governors from these states are placing their loyalty to Trump and their own political concerns over the public health of their constituents. They have tried to hide behind Trump’s ignorant false assertions that increased testing is the leading cause of the spike in the number of cases. Statistics show the increase indicates new rapid spreading in areas with relaxed enforcement of mask-wearing and social distancing. Trump politicizes any issue he believes will help his shrinking chances of re-election. He has branded himself brave, strong, and realistic by his refusal to wear a mask. His sheep-like followers ( better than being called deplorable) want to be in this pseudo strong, brave club, so they model their behavior after their President. Like Trump, who believes the Constitution says he can do anything he wants, his followers think they can do whatever they want. In their defiance to not wear masks in public, they are arrogantly endangering the health and lives of others.

Polls show that over 75% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s response to the pandemic. His approval rating towards his response to the protests over the killing of George Floyd by excessive use of force by three Minneapolis police officers is below 50%. He has shown little compassion about the killings and pivoted the conversation about racial injustice, and systemic racism in law enforcement has incompetently handled every crisis he has encountered since becoming President. The Charlottesville racial marches and murder of protester Heather Heyer was a national shame. The management of mass migration of asylum seekers from Central America revealed his passionless, racist fire of legal immigration of people of color. His inadequate response to Hurricane Maria in 2017 in Puerto Rico included throwing paper towels, verbally attacking San Juan’s mayor, and blaming the country for substandard infrastructure. His lack of fitness to hold the office of U.S. President has been proven beyond a doubt.

Instead of addressing the rising infection rate from the coronavirus, Trump is focused on suing media outlets for reporting his low poll numbers, defending statues that symbolize the darkest, a most shame-based period in America’s history, and to mock scientist’s urgent warnings about COVID-19. The only accomplishments of his presidency have been tax cuts for the rich and stacking the courts with conservative judges. Policies regarding healthcare, infrastructure, protecting the environment, or protecting our elections from foreign interference seem of no interest to Trump’s. His biggest lies are that he loves America and that he cares about the American people. He has violated the Constitution numerous times and weakened our democracy in the process. He has governed directly to satisfy his small, white, uneducated base, shining a glaring light on his disinterest or disdain for people of color.

If Americans show up in his numbers to vote in 2020, the Trump travesty will end, and we will heal, thrive, and be greater than ever. Trump has bruised America’s reputation and spirit, but bruises disappear, and like an ex-President Trump, someday it will feel like he was never here.

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