John Bolton’s Book, “The Room Where It Happened” Reveals The Pervasive, Corrupt Foreign Policy Practices Used By Trump And His Administration. However, Bolton Abandoned His Patriotism Towards America By Not Testifying In The Impeachment Trial About Trump’s Attempts To Enlist China And Turkey To Help Him Get Re-Elected. Congressman Adam Schiff Warned The Senate, “Trump Will Do It Again.” Schiff Was Right, And More Countries Have Been Invited By The President To Interfere In U.S. Elections. Trump’s Pathology Impairs His Judgment And Damages National Security.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is releasing his book next week, and so far, leaks reveal a level of corruption by Trump never seen by any previous President. Bolton says he never saw Trump approach a foreign policy negotiation that did not include an emphasis on getting re-elected. Trump’s ideology is simple. Anything that benefits him personally or politically is what he will pursue. A president without a developed ideology about how to govern in the best interest of the country is a president who will be easily manipulated by foreign leaders. CNN journalists report Trump is viewed by foreign adversaries and allies as not smart, needy, and compliant to do whatever they ask if they promise him something he wants.

Bolton and other former White House officials report Trump refuses to prepare for phone conversations with foreign leaders. He refuses to be informed about facts related to specifics on the issues and demonstrates incomplete knowledge of historical patterns between foreign countries and the United States. Countless former administration officials are coming forth corroborating Bolton’s description of Trump as an incompetent, corrupt man whose only interest in staying in power. His slogan “Make American Great Again” is a smart strategy he has used to convince his base he is a financial wizard who is making American more productive than ever. The truth is, he is creating an illusion of success by manipulating the stock market with bombastic tweets and tax cuts for the rich while putting the country into a debt that future generations will be crippled by for many years. However, he doesn’t seem to care about the nation’s debt. He is old, and he knows he will be dead by the time his disastrous legacy hits the fan. I am sure he is not worried about how his kids or grandkids will survive. By the time he is done making money off of being the President, they will be richer than ever.

Bolton’s revelations about Trump’s behaviors related to foreign policy are possible grounds for congressional inquiries. Making quid pro quo deals with foreign countries to receive favors for political gain is unconstitutional. Hearing the details of the President’s incompetence and corruption in this book further strengthens the credibility of the findings in the Mueller Report and the impeachment trial. It also exposes the corruption of Senator Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate. In the past, Trump’s level of corruption would have led Congress to call for the removal or resignation of the President. Somehow between Trump’s ability to bully and frighten Republicans and hypnotize vulnerably, star-struck Americans have resulted in him staying in power and completely trashing the Constitution, the structure of our government, and the free press. All he seems to know about the Constitution is the 2nd Amendment, religious freedoms, and a false interpretation of Article II, which he believes says he can do anything he wants. Any American who thinks a president who has no knowledge of history, government, or science will keep us safe, and “GREAT” is naive or equally flawed. Leading the free world is not a job for reality TV stars or real estate professionals.

Bolton also writes Trump supported China’s President XI Jinping’s plan to build concentration camps to incarcerate Uighyr Muslims. The Chinese leader wanted the U.S. President’s agreement for this racially cruel policy and Trump gave Xi his approval. Any Jew who believes Trump really understands and cares about the history and suffering of the Jewish people needs to digest what his support of Chinese concentration camps reveals about his character and soul. This chilling account by Bolton is more evidence that Trump does not execute his office in the best interest of America. If being racist works for him politically, than he will support national or global racism. His gullibility is well-known to foreign adversaries, says Bolton, and this fact compromises the national security and respect of the United States.

World news outlets around the world run stories indicating most countries think Trump is dangerous and a clown. America is now pitied instead of respected. Allies can no longer trust the word of our country because they know Trump will change his mind and break commitments if he can get a better offer, even if from an adversary. If the courts eventually rule Trump cannot continue to hide his taxes, financial documents, and secret server records, we may finally have the evidence which reveals the corruption that he and his cronies have brought into our government. It seems fair that enabling Republicans who have allowed him to violate the Constitution and voters who have supported his immoral, illegal acts should somehow pay for the damage caused to this country. He always boasts, ” I love debt, I am the king of debt,” so maybe Trump loyalists should repay the debt he has created financial from the financial scams they allowed him to commit.

History will show Trump and those who supported him posed the greatest threat to American Democracy since the signing of the Constitution in 1776. People who don’t realize their loyalty to Trump was a betrayal to their country, will continue to be a threat to democracy in years to come. Thankfully, they are a fast dying minority who will may soon be irrelevant voices housed in old, vacated failed Trump properties.

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