Trump Is Doing It Again, and the Second Wave Of Americans Will Die From COVID-19 Because He Insists On Having His Ego Maniacal Rally in Oklahoma. While Dozens Of States Are Experiencing An Increase In COVID Infections And Black Men Are Still Being Killed On The Streets Of America, The Most Mentally Incompetent Person Ever To Be President Is Focused On Rallies And Crowd-Size. Silent Republicans Should Be Liable For His Crimes.

January and February of 2020, Donald Trump withheld information from the American people about the coronavirus threat. When he did mention it, he downplayed the facts promising it would disappear soon, and the number of infected people would go from 15 to zero. He also said it was like the flu, acting as if his opinion was smarter than the infectious disease scientists. His dangerous narcissism was rearing its ugly head at this point. In March, when people started dying in the tens of thousands, he was forced to admit the virus was a public health issue, and he held daily briefings with his task force headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. During the presentations, he monopolized the microphone, often rambling nonsense and contradicting the scientific information, and downplaying the deaths and suffering from the disease. He did not supply Americans and healthcare professionals with adequate P.P.E., and not until May did testing for the virus become more available. With all of the factual evidence of his incompetent handling of the pandemic, he gaslights his supporters with the statement that no one in any country has done a better job of controlling the virus than he has. He recently announced, “the virus is dying out” when it isn’t. In the mental health profession, this kind of thinking is referred to as pathological lying or delusional thinking.

Throughout the initial assault from the virus, Trump lied, denied the medical facts, and even suggested ingesting disinfectants might be a cure. He also urged people to take hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID, despite warnings to the contrary from medical professionals. Mr. Macho claims to have taken the drug, but of course, nobody believes it. The amount of disinformation Trump spreads proves he is not invested in protecting American lives or the integrity of our democracy. Many insiders have corroborated that Trump cares more about his own personal and political gains than the interests of the country and the people he was elected to protect. He knows the last issue he can falsely claim credit for to help with his re-election chances is the recovery of the stock market. Someone in government who really cares about this country should tell Trump that America is not a corporation, it is a country, and if he doesn’t have any skills besides manipulating financial statistics, he should resign before the country goes bankrupt. His history of bankruptcies predicts that eventually, despite his manipulation of the stock market by tweets, our country will go broke.

His approach to the re-opening of America’s economy is a rerun of how he handled the initial virus spread. He is not wearing a mask, he supports people who do not wear masks, he is falsely claiming the numbers of infection are increasing only because more people are being tested. He plans to hold an indoor rally with 20,000 people with masks being optional. He is spreading misinformation about the persistence of the pandemic, and he and the incompetent VP Mike Pence are denying the spread of the virus while the spread is actually occurring. How can anyone believe Trump cares about their lives when he invites them to an event which all doctors and scientists warn puts them at high risk for becoming infected with COVID? This form of hero worship is an indicator of questionable maturity or psychological issues.

The Tulsa County Health Department has requested the Trump rally be delayed to a later date due to the increase in the number of COVID cases in the state. Unlike Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden who acknowledges in words and action the continued presence of the virus, Trump is ignoring it and dismissing the request by Tulsa health officials. His position on ignoring mask-wearing and social distancing are solidifying his legacy ( and Republican congressmen) as directly responsible for the needless death of more Americans than any other U..S. President.

Additional proof that he doesn’t care about his supporter’s well-
being by asking them to sign a waiver that says they cannot sue him or the campaign if they get infected at his rally. In that action, he is admitting he knows he is putting their health at risk by holding the rally and wants to make sure, as usual, that he will not be held responsible for any damages. Trump has made a career out of getting people to sign legal documents to protect himself. Only people who do wrong acts incessantly worry about getting sued.

Unfortunately, until Trump’s criminal, anti-American governing practices hit his base with the loss of life or livelihood, they will keep supporting his fake agenda of America First. In reality, he is only committed to helping himself, his family, and any foreign country, ally or adversary, who will help him get re-elected. At this point, continuing to support Trump’s irresponsible dismissal of the coronavirus pandemic should be punishable by law. If any attendee at the Tulsa rally contracts the virus and infects someone, they should be found guilty of a crime. No American wants to lose their life because Trump voters went to his rally and jumped and screamed like a 14-year-old kid at their first music concert.

His appearances indicate he is losing more judgment, control, and connection to reality. It appears he believes the untrue statements he makes about the COVID pandemic, voter fraud, and the economy. A loose grip on reality is more concerning than manipulative lying. The House of Representatives must fight the corruption and instability that has infiltrated the Executive Branch with subpoenas, lawsuits, impeachment, and a constant media presence. Trump, Barr, Connell, and Pompeo are under attack by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents because they are blatantly and arrogantly disregarding the Constitution for their own political gain. Rural white America needs to wake up and find a real conservative who behaves like they love America, not just mouths empty slogans.

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