House Democrats Have Passed’The Justice For Policing Act’ Which Proposes Sweeping Reform Of Traditional Law Enforcement Practices Including The Use of Excessive Force And Qualified Immunity For Police Officers. It Also Establishes A National Registry To Track Police Misconduct. Democrats Are Concerned Whether Mitch McConnell Will Block The Bill. Hundreds Of House Bills Are Sitting On His Desk Being Ignored. McConnell Is A Partisan Enemy Of Democracy. Additionally, Trump’s Executive Order Today Ignores The Issue Of Systemic Racism In Policing. Just Another Empty Re- Election Performance.

Mitch McConnell’s arrogant partisan approach to governing has been as damaging to the stability of our democracy as Trump’s lawless execution of his constitutional duties.  He has been evasive in response to questions about the protests and the demands for quick action on the part of the federal government. Mental health professionals suspect McConnell’s personality meets the criteria of narcissism. His need for attention is so strong he revels being called ” the grim reaper” for his record of letting House legislation die in the Senate without consideration of a vote.  He seems to be statistically relishing the power he holds over the fate of future black men and their families as to whether they will survive or die when confronted by the police.

The protests for racial justice and police reform are continuing throughout the country in high numbers.

The passion for the Black Lives Matter movement protests have magnified the grim reality of the needless loss of life of black men at the hands of the police. The diversity of the crowds reflect a united America on the issue of racial injustice. The silence from Trump, his Administration, and Republican members of The House and Senate during the first three weeks of the nationwide demonstrations has sent a message of apathy and disinterest.  Focusing on the upcoming campaign rally is Trump’s primary focus, not facing the racially motivated police killings or the increasing rate of infection of COVID-19.  He is not a protector of much in this country except his own interests.

The Justice For Policing Act is an ambitious piece of House legislation that attempts to transform the longstanding practices of police brutality against black men taken into police custody. It also suggests changes to the rules that govern how police operate and increases accountability for their wrongdoing. For years, police departments and police unions have fought to protect police from facing punitive consequences for incidences of excessive force and racial discrimination.

Today, under pressure by advisors and public outcry, Trump signed an executive order to address the call for police reform and reduce the use of excessive force. He did not mention systemic racism in law enforcement. To justify his avoidance of naming the core issue, he described the incidences involving police killings of unarmed black men as ” a very tiny number, because it’ s a very small percentage. No one wants to get rid of them more than the great and really good police officers., ” Trump is tone-deaf to the message the protestors, police departments, and mayors are sending. He is missing the urgency of the problem, as another black man was shot and killed in Atlanta this weekend. His order proposes the implementation of a database to track police misconduct and calls for mental health professionals to accompany police when incidences involve addiction or mental illness.  These are not new ideas, and how quickly Trump will order these standards was not expressed.  Critics of his executive order say it was lightweight, leaving out an itemized plan for dealing with systemic racism, deficits in training, and justice and reparations for families who have suffered the needless loss of life of a loved one due to police brutality.

Today was another political performance by Trump aimed at damage control for the widely held view that he is a racist. Before his appearance to announce his executive order, he met with black family members who have lost loved ones to police killings. It was reported that he seemed moved by the horrific detail of the killings,  and yet he failed to name the problem as systemic racism.  Did he absorb any of the pain of these mourners presented, or did he say words of comfort and leave his feelings are the exit door?

Former Senior Security Advisor John Bolton said in his upcoming book,  “The Room That It Happened In, ” that he never witnessed Trump take any action that wasn’t connected to the issue of getting re-elected.” Trump, the brander and TV producer, has chosen “the law and order President” label to use in his 2020 campaign. The enormity of the demonstrations forced him to engage in the racial issue, so he has spun his role into a phony macho branding of himself as Mr. law and order. The bone spur, bunker-hiding, ” build my wall around the White House” President is no tough guy. The attention he places on the military, police, and bullying is a cover-up for the truth; he is a coward, physically, and emotionally.

However, so far, he is still one hell of a salesman for people who won ‘t read facts but rather listen to the circus- barker who is looking more cartoonish, feeble, and against American democracy.

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