When Trump Calls A Situation A Hoax, We Know It’s Not A Hoax. He Uses That Label To Deflect Away From Truthful, Damaging Actions He Has Committed. This Politically Dishonest Strategy Should Disqualify Anyone From Becoming or Remaining President. He Rejects Truths That Trigger His Insecurities. He Took A Bogus Legal Action Against CNN Because They Aired An Official Poll Showing Him Losing To Joe Biden. In Autocracies And Dictatorships Leaders Suppress Facts, Ban Free Speech, And Cry “Hoax” To Keep The Truth From The Public.

Journalism Sustains Democracy, Standing For Truth Over Propaganda

Donald Trump fools a lot of gullible people when he ascribes the word “hoax” to situations where he has lied, grossly mishandled a situation, or violated the rule of law. Fortunately, most Americans are smart enough to identify his outrageous proclamations as delusional, malicious, or dishonest. Many say his followers think he is a blowhard, but they find him entertaining and like his white supremacist, law and disorder vision for America. However, a significant number of those who voted for him did so while holding their noses, crossing their fingers, and are realizing they made a mistake in 2016. The challenge for them is to figure out if they stay home and don’t vote or support a Democrat or independent. What has become clear to a majority of Americans is Trump does lie. The lies are on tape, coming out of his mouth. The recordings that prove the lies are tapes of him saying what he says he never says. He calls factual news fake news, which is Russia’s method of keeping the public unaware of what the government is really doing.

Trump’s presidency has been riddled with justifiable scandals, all of which he has called “hoaxes.” The truth is the situations are actual scandals involving a level of dereliction of duty to uphold his oath of office. To create a cover for himself, he has branded his offenses to the rule of law and competency to execute his duties “hoaxes.” To further his hoax argument, he claims the Republicans who are taking the lead on these investigations Democrat operatives.

The “Russia Hoax“- The Mueller Report was the result of a comprehensive investigation of Trump and his associates during the 2015 campaign for the presidency. It began because Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey, who was leading the investigation. Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge and asked him to go easy on General Michael Flynn, who was found to have lied to the FBI about meetings with Russians during the campaign. The report indicted four Trump associates of lying to the FBI, indicted 13 Russians for interfering in our election, and found Trump himself guilty of ten acts of obstruction of justice in his interference in Mueller’s investigations. Trump called the investigation a “hoax” because he rejects the notion that as President, nothing he does can be found to be wrong or illegal.

The Ukraine “quid pro quo” impeachment “hoax“- Trump called his call to President Zelensky “a perfect call.” However, during the impeachment inquiry, it was discovered the request included proof that Trump would release much-needed weapons to Ukraine if they would announce an investigation against Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for evidence of corrupt actions. The real hoax here was Trump’s declaration that saying “there was no quid pro quo” meant that there was no quid pro quo.

The racism “hoax”– Despite Trump announcing in Charlottesville that there were “good people on both sides” of the protests, which included Nazi’s proclaiming “Jews will not replace us,” he has called labeling him a racist as a democratic “hoax.” However, his first action as President was to declare a ban on all Muslims entering the country, to call for a wall to be built on the border of our ally Mexico, called Mexicans rapists, referrED to countries of black and brown people “shithole,” targeted Colin Kaepernick as unpatriotic for peacefully protesting against police violence against black men, and fully supports the racist symbol of the Confederate Flag.

The Coronavirus Hoax- In January, Trump announced that the coronavirus pandemic was “the newest hoax” the Democrats were inventing to damage his re-election chances. He denied the threat of the virus until people started dying, and ICUs were overwhelmed with real people he could not say did not exist. Up until that tragic point, he said the virus was like the flu, that the 15 cases would be down to zero in two weeks, and there was nothing to worry about.

Trump is a master snake oil salesman. He calls the truth a hoax, and he tells lies and spreads conspiracy theories and calls them facts, despite evidence to the contrary. Whether he is operating as a criminal-type politician or a psychologically ill person, America is now less significant than it was 3 1/2 years ago and in danger of no longer being governed as a democracy. Trump supporters did not like being called deplorable by Hillary Clinton, and it was a wrong move on her part politically. However, for people who support someone who acts deplorably, what is the right description word to apply? Some say the words, stupid, racist, gullible, needy, star-struck, unpatriotic. Setting aside labels, it is baffling why lying, cheating, breaking laws, being crude, and divisive has become the traits that the Grand Old Party of voters and legislators now embrace.

From the look of the last few weeks, the tide is changing, Americans are waking up and fighting to MAKE AMERICA MORAL AGAIN. MAKE AMERICA RESPECTED AGAIN. MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN. MAKE AMERICA A DEMOCRACY AGAIN. Donald Trump is trying to control the press so his voice becomes the only voice, and that means the end of truth and facts and the beginning of an America in the image of a Russian-like propaganda society.

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