The Massive Protests For Racial Justice And Equality Is The Kind Of Reality TV Show  Trump Would Like To See Cancelled. The Enormity Of The Crowds Is A Justified Rejection Of Him And His Race Tainted Policies. Trump’s Emotional Volatility And Character Flaws Have Dominated His Reactions To The Protests. A Person With Flaws In Character Should Not Be President. A Weekly Fact-Based Trump Reality Show With Panels Made Up His Sexual Assault Accusers, Business People He Has Ripped Off, Attorneys Discussing Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Him, And Journalists Might Encourage Voters To Consider Character When They Vote.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden consistently calls for the soul and the morals of America to be restored. This week former Chief of Staff General John Kelly urged people to consider character when they vote in November. Trump’s divisive, crude, vindictive personality has lessened America’s image in the world as a model of decency. Trump governs like a wild animal, so hungry for attention, he will impulsively jump at any chance to bring attention to himself and deter attention from the issues that matter to the quality of American lives. White House insiders report that he watches massive amounts of T.V. on our tax money. Fox News and other conservative outlets are the sources for the outrageous headlines he creates to draw media attention to himself.

Besides golf and money, there is nothing Trump loves more than a juicy scandal against someone he fears or doesn’t like. However, most of the stories he gets excited about are scandals that are hoaxes he hears on Fox News or that he makes up. His attraction to the high drama of scandal may be an indication he has had extensive experience with scandalous behavior and is psychologically and addictively drawn to it. His predisposition for impulsive bursts of anger and irrational retaliations are happening more frequently, and concerns about his mental stability are growing amongst both parties.

Amid the protests about excessive use of force and police killings of black men, Trump has been silent about policymaking to address the issue and even more silent about empathy for the deaths and sufferings of black families. Instead, he created his reality T.V. moment by ordering the military to use tear gas on peaceful protesters to clear a path for him to stage a failed stunt where he held up a bible in front of St. Johns Church. No one bought the stunt as proof he is a religious person, as his choice to golf on Sundays over attending church exposes he is a fake Christian. He doesn’t quote scripture publicly like Joe Biden can, because it appears he hasn’t read the bible, or the Constitution for that matter (except Article II which he wrongly interprets as saying the President can do anything he wants).

The Trump Reality Show project would not be a news show. It would not report on his failure to keep his campaign promises of building a wall on the southern border that Mexico will pay for, or implementing an improved healthcare program, or South Korean de-nuclearization, or reducing the national debt. Instead, the guests will discuss personal experiences, facts, and documentation related to Trump’ s character flaws, abhorrent behaviors, and indications of mental problems. A small sampling of topics for the panel discussion that will show Trump is an unfit and dangerous president is his;


  • Refusal to acknowledge the Central Park 5 were wrongly convicted despite their exoneration
  • He ” birther” conspiracy against Barack Obama, the first African American President
  • Tenant discrimination practices against blacks in his NYC rental properties


  • Making derogatory statements about women’s physical appearance
  • The Access Hollywood tape
  • Howard Stern Show tapes where he admitted to spying on contestants getting dressed at his beauty pageants
  • Adultery

Financial impropriety

  • Scamming Trump University students with a bogus curriculum
  • Using Trump Foundation charity money for his 2015 campaign.
  • Failed New Jersey casino projects where he left contractors unpaid for their work


  • He lied about releasing his taxes after his audit was completed. He never released them and continues to fight their release in court.
  • Lied about knowing about and being a part of the pay-off to porn star Stormy Daniels
  • Said he went into the White House bunker during protests for a few minutes to inspect it, while AG William Barr explains the protests seemed so threatening Trump complied with the Secret Service to hide him in the bunker

Conspiracy theories-

  • Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile operation in the basement of a pizzeria.
  • Announced before the 2016 Presidential election that the Democrats rigged the voting. No proof was ever found, and HE WON.
  • Spreading the theory on Twitter that the 75-year-old man that was knocked down by Buffalo policemen during the recent protests was a member of Antifa and was carrying a threatening device and faked the fall to frame the police.

These examples of odd thinking, vindictiveness, and crudeness would make a juicy reality show of the style that Trump would love if it were about someone else. The fact that this idea is even being thought of is sad and frightening for America. We have a president who, no doubt, will be remembered for being the most disliked, unqualified, and destructive person ever to occupy the distinguished office of the U.S. President. The @ RealDonald Trump reality Show might remind people that character should be considered when choosing a President. America is not emotionally thriving with a president who divides, fights threatens, and lies. The show would be easy to produce as Trump’s tweets, speeches, and press conferences provide the documentation for the assertions about him. Booking guests would be easy. He has abused, used, and ruined many people who would welcome the opportunity to expose his unfitness for office.

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