Yesterday Trump’s Kim Jong Un Style Photo Op Walk To St. John’s Church Where He Held Up A Bible Is Getting Ridiculed Around The World. Dictator Kim Forces His Officials To March Behind Him While He Displays Military Power. Trump Had Peaceful Protestors Gassed By The Military In Lafayette Park  To Clear The Way For An Unprecedented Display By A U.S. President Acting Like A Dictator And Harming Americans While They Exercised Their Constitutional Rights.

Trump’s military assault on Americans engaged in a peaceful, constitutionally protected protest moved Russian President Vladmir Putin closer to his goal of the downfall of the American democracy. The Mueller Report found evidence that Russia interfered in the 2015 presidential campaign with the intention of helping Trump get elected. Has any of his supporters taken one minute to wonder why Russia wanted Trump to win? Many have written that Putin and certain American conservatives, such as Steve Bannon and General Michael Flynn, have been grooming Trump for years to run for president. Why? As Hillary Clinton warned us, Trump is a puppet, has no political ideology of his own, and is an admirer of Putin. Russia and China are celebrating America’s election of an unqualified, insecure, easily manipulated President.

Trump was identified as the perfect vehicle for the Alt-Right agenda of deconstructing the American government as created by the Founding Fathers. Bannon believes the power of the president should be limitless. Congressional oversight afforded by the co-equal branch of government model is not the alt-rights vision for America. The Alt-Right contingency drew Trump away from being a democrat, indoctrinated him to espouse right-wing Christian doctrine, and to model his rhetoric after autocratic, fascists tyrants. This explains Trump’s pattern of aligning with dictatorial leaders such as Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un. He has downplayed and excused acts of murder and abuses of human rights by these dictators to gain their approval. Being a narcissist, Trump was easily seduced into the world of conservative politics to gain attention and the power he craves.

Like dictators of the past and present, Trump has banned an entire people (Muslims), from entering America, set up camps and put immigrants in cages, blocked the U.S. Congress from executing it’s constitutional oversight duties, ignored the rule of law, and yesterday ordered military action against American citizens executing their constitutional right to peaceful protest. The protesters that he gassed were not looting or rioting. Their offense was occupying the area where he wanted to make his humiliating attempt at a power walk to perform a hollow, insulting religious act of holding the bible in the air.

Anyone who doubts that Trump’s goal is to become a dictator, destroy the Constitution, and align with autocratic regimes is naive or unpatriotic. The courts are currently filled with charges brought against Trump for breaking laws. Additionally, like other dictators, Trump loves law enforcement and the military for one reason; to aid in his ultimate domination of the country and people he leads.

However, it seems the murder of George Floyd by excessive police force has awakened multiple generations of every race, religion, and gender to the damage to America caused by Trump and the currently corrupted Republican party. The protests are of epic proportion. They have captured the attention of the world and re-ignited attention to the issue of systemic racism and the disproportionate occurrence of police brutality towards black men.

Watching police captains walk arm in arm down the streets of America in support of young black protestors was a powerful vision of hope that change will occur. Watching members of the national guard drop their shields and hug protesters sent the message that the military and law enforcement do not share Trump’s dismissive attitude and aggressive actions towards this cause. It has become unbearable for millions of Americans to survive the experience of having a phony, corrupt U.S. president and Republican Party that is now complicit in his unAmerican agenda.

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