Once Again, Governor Andrew Cuomo Is The Adult In The Room And Trump Is The Child. His Slogan, “We’re Open” Is A Rush To Pretend COVID Is Over. Cuomo’s Message Is “We Have Been Through Hell, We Have Sacrificed, We Are Smarter, And Yes, We’re Ready For Sports”! Trump Speaks And Thinks In Simplistic Terms, Always Missing Depth And Nuance. He Wants Americans To No Longer See COVID-19 As A Threat So He Can Claim Victory And Take Credit For “Freeing America”. Cuomo Is A Strong Man, Great Role Model, And Is Making Trump Look Bad.

“Doing what feels good, what’s convenient, and what’s easy that’s how little kids think”, said Obama recently in a commencement speech to graduating seniors. He added, “Unfortunately, a lot of so- called grown-ups including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way- and that’s why things are so screwed up”. Obama clearly sees Trump as an immature leader, acting like a kid who wants what he wants without understandingg or concern for others.

Trump’s behaviors have become predictable, like bad reruns of a show that should never have made it on the air. How anyone still believes his predictable, eccentric, infantile rantings about the coronavirus, the economy, hydroxychloroquine, Obama, etc., is astounding. Governor Cuomo’s informative, organized, compassionate daily briefings create a contrast which is an embarrassment for Trump. His enablers probably tell him Americans don’t think much of the job Cuomo is doing in New York compared to his performance in an attempt to subdue his jealousy and aggression. Additionally, his narcissism is so profound he constantly praises himself out loud. Cuomo, on the other hand, is confident, articulate, and empathic. Contrary to Trump, he admits when he doesn’t know something, and will also make self- deprecating jokes about himself. That is a sign of real self-esteem vs. fake bravado.

Cuomo explains the importance of America being smart while loosening restrictions on businesses. He explains the focus needs to be on the math and science gathered from testing and contact tracing. The data gathered over the next several weeks will tell us if our behaviors are keeping the infection rates going in a positive or negative direction. This information is helpful as it encourages responsible, not reckless behavior. Cuomo also took a nasal virus test on television on Sunday to model the preventative actions encouraged by the medical experts to fight the disease.

In contrast, Trump has been strutting around defiantly without wearing a mask wherever he goes. Is anyone really impressed by this behavior? It is a transparent attempt by an insecure man to look strong. Someone should tell him everyone realizes what he is doing and it’s dangerous, bad leadership. He also announced he is taking the drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19. This is a drug that has not been approved as safe for treating the virus and should be administered only in a hospital. Is this yet another attempt by Trump to look macho, or a strategy to encourage people to feel confident enough to bolt into society pre- COVID style? This level of immature, irresponsible behavior by a president is unprecedented.

Today Governor Cuomo articulated the sacrifice and suffering New York and the entire country has made during the pandemic and how with smarts, patience, and love we will stop the loss of life to this virus. Trump never mentions the needed, ongoing attention Americans should give to the scientific results gathered during the initial weeks of America re-opening. He doesn’t use words like caution or concern. Like an antsy adolescent, he talks about bringing back sports, shopping, and eating out. Cuomo also mentions these pleasures that we all miss and stresses if we are smart and patient, America will recover what it has lost these last two months. He also tells us if we are not patient, realistic, and smart, we might have to start over again in our battle against COVID.

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