Trump’s Re-open America Strategy Is Reckless. He Is Playing The Fun Parent, “Let,’s All Go Play And Have Fun. The Virus Is Gone”, Forcing The Responsible, Mature Parent ( Democrats) To Say, “No, You Can’t Go Out And Play Yet, There Are A Lot of Sick People Out There”. The ” It’s All Good Approach” Could Work With Trump Voters Who Believe Everything He Says. Democrats Must Figure How To Counter This Tactic By Supporting A Sensible Re-Opening Without It Sounding Boring. The Circus- Barker Is Good At Putting On A Show.

Television media must break their addiction to constantly covering every appearance Trump makes in front of a microphone. He is having a manic reaction to not being able to hold rallies and he is barking into any microphone he can find with his tiny hands . It is exhausting. During one of his brutal screaming appearances, he yelled, “vaccine or not, America is open.”

To most, that statement sounds like a reckless, self- serving political move to falsely raise the spirits of weary Americans who have been suffering through the severe ” shelter-at-home” response to the pandemic. In that statement, his followers hear, “everything is fine now. Trust me and go drink, eat, dance, watch baseball, go to the gym, and jump on a plane.” ” How wonderful”, they think. “Daddy is saving us from this isolating, boring, costly two month nightmare”! Trump refuses to ever risk telling the truth. He is the typical” Disneyland parent” wanting to get constant adoration for bringing good news.

So this week, he is ranting about how Democrats and scientists are painting an inaccurate, dark, pessimistic picture of the virus, which he sees as “getting better and weakening”. He is such a barrell of fun. An optimistic and inspiring beam of light, so his fans believe. The truth is, his” Disney-fun” approach when COVID-19 was rapidly spreading through the population added thousands of victims to the death count.

However, Trump is skilled at blaming, deflecting, and ignoring the unpleasant facts he fears will play negatively to his base. Based on his behavior, he is a dangerous president as his need to win and be adored seems more important than protecting America and it’s people. He is telling lies about the scientific facts about the continuing danger of the coronavirus. He is giving misinformation about the importance of testing, contact tracing, and vaccinations. On one day he will say we don’t need a vaccine, many viruses just disappear. The next day he will brag about how fast the government is working on getting a vaccine by the end of the year. If an advisor tells him people need a vaccine to feel safe to stop ” stay-at-home, ” Trump will tout the importance of vaccines. The frequency at which Trump changes his positions on a plan to safely deal with COVID while re-opening the economy indicates his leadership decisions are based on poll numbers, not on good judgment.

Trump is limited in his abilities to lead. He is always in campaign mode, which for him means a lie, attack your opponent, and make false promises. A segment of Trump voters who are former democrats or independent thinkers may be seeing through his manipulative moves. The Democrats must develop an approach to the re-opening of the economy that pairs scientific realities with optimism, creativity, challenge, and pleasure. Trump’s one-note narrative, ” we are back, baby” is immature, unsafe, and nothing more than a manipulative move to be seen as the savior of life pleasures. The truth is the public health and economic stability that has been destroyed, was caused by the President not telling the truth about the dangerous realities of COVID-19.

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