Trump Has Been A Failed Executive For Years. Many Of His Businesses Have Failed Due To His Poor Judgment. Now His Irresponsible Rush To Re-open The Economy Reveals How Little He Learned From The Disasterous Mistakes He Made In Leading The Fight Against The COVID-19 Pandemic. His Aides Had To Make Him Aware Of How Negatively His Eagerness To Re-open The Economy Was Being Received By The Public. Additionally, His Executive Leadership Skills Failed Again, As His Staff Is Infected With COVID-19.

Trump’s refusal to read daily intelligence briefings left him ill-informed about the pandemic that was spreading around the world. When officials realized Trump was taking no action to protect America, they began verbally warning him of the threat. His concern about alerting the public about the coronavirus and how it could damage the economy resulted in him downplaying the scientific facts and telling blatant lies, such as, “it was just like the flu,” and ” the fifteen cases would be down to zero soon.” The disastrous infection and death rate of COVID-19 is a direct result of Trump being a failure at executive decision-making. He delayed a vital decision to act based on self-interest, which resulted in horrific damage to those he was elected to protect.Trump’s flaws in leadership and character have led him into every legal and politically damaging problem he has encountered since becoming President. He got impeached because he blocked witnesses from appearing before Congress by insisting they refuse to honor subpoenas issued by committees in the House of Representatives. He defied the rule of law by ignoring the right of oversight given to Congress by the Constitution. Therefore charges of obstruction of Congress were issued. His attempts to hide facts and the truth made him the 3rd President in American history to be impeached.His flawed executive skills allowed countless members of his presidential campaign staff and political advisors to hold secret meetings with Russians and lie about them. Robert Mueller found Trump committed 10 counts of provable obstruction of justice in the independent investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. As a result of these findings, he will be vulnerable to legal indictment after he leaves office. Attempting to interfere in the FBI investigation of his actions with Russia was not a move that a smart executive-level person would take. The Mueller Report may have been neutered by William Barr’s false decree of exoneration and Mueller’s refusal to call for an indictment of Trump; however, it will be a historical accounting of Trump acting corrupt and having violated his oath of office.Trump’s failed ventures such as Trump University, the Trump Foundation, and his Atlantic City casinos are the kind of failures that business executives fear. In Nov. of 2019, New York Times journalist James Fahrenhold reported Trump admitted to misusing funds from his charitable foundation to fund his campaign for the presidency and to settle unpaid debts. He was ordered by the Attorney General of New York to pay millions of dollars to 8 charities. The foundation was ordered to never re-open. Trump University was determined to be a scam. Former students claimed misleading marketing strategies were used along with aggressive recruitment methods and filed class-action lawsuits. Trump was ordered to pay 25 million dollars to settle the lawsuits. The university was ordered never to re-open.Trump’s Atlantic City casino failures are another example of how his bombastic personality conned lenders and contractors to join with him in his casino business by boasting his business acumen. During his Atlantic City ventures, he went bankrupt 4 times, and due to the non-payment of his debts, many contractors went out of business. However, by paying himself a huge salary and bonuses and shifting his personal debts to the casinos, Trump made a lot of money in Atlantic City, leaving other individuals and businesses in ruins.COULD TRUMP BE PULLING THE SAME SCAM ON THE AMERICAN TREASURY THAT HE DID ON ATLANTIC CITY? ARE HIS TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH, BAILOUTS FOR CORPORATIONS, EMOLUMENTS VIOLATIONS, AND DE-REGULATION POLICIES A PLAN TO LINE HIS POCKETS? IS HE MAKING HIMSELF RICHER WHILE BANKRUPTING AMERICA? THE DEBT AND DEFICIT HAVE EXPLODED, AND TRUMP SEEMS UNCONCERNED. WHY IS THAT?Trump’s most robust leadership quality is scaring and conning people. Former friends, aides, and co-workers report he uses threats and compromising information on people to keep them loyal, lying, and serving his interests over their own. Many people who were once close to Trump report that he is not smart. It is said he has always relied on a posse of loyalists who share the same brand of greed and hunger for notoriety that he craves. People like Rudy Guiliani, Roger Stone, and mob attorney Roy Cohn have taught Trump how dishonesty can advance one’s career. They schooled him in manipulation, creative law-breaking, and conning, which is why his own state of New York despises him. Having burned many bridges in the state, he had to go out of the country borrow money to fund his business ventures.During news conferences in the Rose Garden, journalists should continue to ask Trump when he will release his taxes, what is his plan to reduce the debt, and why so many people he hires end up getting fired. These are fair questions to pose to an executive.HE IS A FAILED EXECUTIVE. IN THE TRUE QUOTE FROM JOURNALIST RICK WILSON’S BOOK, “EVERYTHING THAT TRUMP TOUCHES DIES,” 78,000 PEOPLE HAVE ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF THE INACTION AND INCOMPETENT DECISIONS MADE BY THE WORST CHIEF EXECUTIVE IN OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY.

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