Hopefully, The World Was Watching Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Warm, Vulnerable Mother’s Day Exchange On Zoom With His Mother And Daughters. Cuomo And His Family Model The Type Of Loving, Positive Family That America Deserves In The White House. The Current First Family Is Divisive, Distant, And Cold. Cuomo Talks About Loving And Coming Together, The Trumps Talk About Winning, Money And Attacking People. Americans Have No Confidence The Country Will Recover Under Trump’s Poor Leadership.

Confidence in Trump around the world is low. Morale in America is weak. Donald Trump, the Trump family, and the Administration have acted divisive, vindictive, cold, and self-interested throughout the past 3 1/2 years. Watching Governor Andrew Cuomo speak today about the love and appreciation he has for his mother was a refreshing departure from the constant crass, angry, fighting tone of Trump.

When Cuomo talks about the death statistics, he speaks of real people, mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents with grief in his voice. As a baby boomer, no matter who has been President during my lifetime, vulnerability and sincerity were displayed through both times of celebration and tragedy. This President talks and acts combative and in support of only Trump-supporting Americans, specific states, and particular laws that favor him. It is impossible to have confidence in a President whose biases result in defiance of the rule of law and with vindictiveness towards the people he dislikes.

Media outlets around the world hold a similarly negative view of Trump. Contrary to the whining about “Trump abuse” from Fox News, the White House staff and newly appointed sycophant Press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, the dislike of the President is not limited to liberal media and Democrats. His arrogance and crudeness have been experienced by world leaders and members of all races, religions, and political parties.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was quoted in a scathing May 7, 2020 article in Alter.net saying, “the U.S. is ” chaotic” and has left an indelible impression around the world of a country incapable of handling its own crisis, let alone anyone else’s.” Countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and others share the same view of the state of America under the leadership of Donald Trump. He can trot out as many political puppets as he wants to lie about his performance as President. Still, the majority of people in this country and around the world are barely surviving his assault on America.

Governor Cuomo is a comfort to millions of Americans who have no confidence in and no respect for Donald Trump. With COVID-19 now in the White House, Trump has proven his arrogant, incompetent handling of this crisis. That is why millions watch Cuomo’s daily briefings for the truth, intelligence, warmth, and hope. Trump’s inconsistent policies, blaming of others, and misunderstanding of the science of pandemics have brought Americans confidence level to an all-time low. Everyone wants to go back to work, to the beach, shop at the department store, and get a great haircut and manicure. However, most Americans are not so immature and ignorant of the risk that still remains from COVID-19 as to listen to a President who says, “lives may be lost, but we have to re-open our economy.” I guess he thinks none of the lives put at risk could be his own family, friends, or himself. Is that arrogant or ignorant? Either way, he does not instill confidence like Presidents who have preceded him, and it seems he never will.

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