Sirius Satellite Radio Host Howard Stern Goes Off Again About Trump’s Incompetent, Arrogant, Defiant Manner In Handling the COVID-19 Epidemic. He Said On His Show Today, “I Don’t Understand Why He Hasn’t Been Dragged Out Of The White House.” “He Should Consider Resigning,” Was Another Plea He Expressed. Stern’s Fears Have Freed Him From The Restraint He Has Shown About His Upset Over The Years About Trump’s Disasterous Presidency.

Stern began his rant today about Trump when talking about the firing of Dr. Rick Bright, the former head of a unit within the Department of Health and Human Services, which had been tasked with countering chemical, biological, and radiological threats, as well as infections diseases. On April 22nd, Fox News reported that Dr. Bright said in a statement, “he believed his removal from his position and transfer to a role with fewer responsibilities at the NIH was in direct response to his call for the federal government to “invest the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19 pandemic into safe and scientifically vetted solutions, and not in drugs, vaccines and other technologies that lack scientific merit.”Stern questions Trump’s firing of countless governmental, military, legal, and medical experts when they disagree with him or suggest policies or actions that (despite being in the best interest of the country), he thinks might not play well with his base or his image.A discussion about the danger of this style of governing ensued between Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers. The list of qualified people who Trump has fired or who were forced to resign included, FBI director James Comey, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, White House Chiefs of Staff Rheins Priebus and General John Kelly, etc., These and many other firings involved people who went on record standing up to Trump and not doing his bidding. The mantra in the Administration is, “don’t go against the boss, at any cost.” Stern’s stated Trump has created a movement “anti-intellectualism” in government not seen since Germany in World War II. Trump does not seem to be interested in facts, or science, truth, country over party, or since the coronavirus hit, the health and lives of human beings.Stern’s angry rants of late seem to focus on Trump’s reckless, self-serving, aggressive form of governing that has degraded the country that he loves and respects so much.Another point of concern Stern discussed was the President’s lack of appropriate modeling of the COVID task force recommendations for controlling the spread of the still virulent coronavirus. He cited Trump’s visit to an Arizona meat plant this week when, despite signs ordering for masks to be worn, he did not wear one. Mentioned also was VP Mike Pence’s recent visit to the Mayo Clinic, where he also defied the task force standards and ignored the policy of the clinic. These are not Sterns’ words but an observation that these guys are fake macho men, trying to impress a base of uneducated truckers, adoring women who must be attracted to abusers, or the upper 1% who worship money over the lives of others.Additionally, Stern talked about the anger and disgust he feels towards the Michigan idiots who attended a rally to “free Michigan” from the stay-a-home policy aimed at saving their lives. He detailed how these demonstrators showed up at the rally, angry, and many of them wielding guns. Trump, as we know, talks out of both sides of his weirdly-shaped mouth. On the one hand, the White House has released standards by which states should abide when considering opening up the economy. On the other hand, he tweeted in support of the Michigan protesters standing up for their freedom. Once again, he doesn’t lead to doing the right thing for this country. Instead, he panders to a base for his own political and personal gain.Stern went on to rightfully ridicule the men who show up at these demonstrations in military garb, holding their guns, pretending to be tough soldiers when in fact, they look ridiculous. His point was if you want to fight for your country and what it stands for, stop dressing up like it’s Halloween and go join the armed services. Be a real hero, not a fake. Stern is an ardent supporter of the men and women who have served in the armed forces as well as our first responders. These aggressive Trumpers who are defying the medical expert’s recommendations to combat the spread of the coronavirus have become a source of Stern’s ire.Trump is a weak, insecure, incompetent President. He is a toxic role model who fakes courage by bully tweeting, firing people smarter than he is, hiding information such as tax returns, school, and medical records, and salacious stories in the National Enquirer vault. Despite years of trying to respect his past relationship with Trump, Stern is communicating with his fans to listen intelligently and morally to what is happening in the country. Stop being a cult worshipper and be a patriot, is one way to interpret his message.

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