Joe Biden Is Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Former Senate Staff Employee 27 Years Ago. He Denies The Allegations And Has Demanded Independent Investigations Into The Charges. He Refuses To Disparage His Accuser. Trump Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault By Dozens Of Women And Has Refused To Support Investigations And Has Publicly Attacked Their Appearance And Character. Hypocritical Republicans Want A Witch Hunt of Biden, So To Be Fair, Let’s Ask Trump To Order The National Enquirer To Open The Vault Which Hides His Sleazy, Killed Stories.

So far, there are more questions than answers regarding the sexual assault allegations against former Vice- President Joe Biden. The accuser said the physical assault happened while she was a staff member for then-Senator Joe Biden 27 years ago. It is reported she told her mother and several friends at the time she had been sexually harassed at work by Senator Biden. She stated she filed a complaint around the time it happened. In an extensive piece of investigative work, the New York Times looked into the allegations, which included gaining access to records at the National Archives. No complaint was discovered in the Archives. They also interviewed staff members who worked in Biden’s Senate office at the time the alleged assault occurred. No staffers recalled hearing anything about the crime alleged by the accuser. The Times did not determine whether the accusations were true or not.The press is now pressuring Biden to reveal all of the records from his years in the Senate, which are stored at the University of Delaware. Biden publicly told MSNBC co-anchor of the Morning Joe Show Mika Brzezinski that his Senate records at the University do not contain any documents related to personnel. Those records would be stored at the National Archives. Brzezinski pressed Biden to consider releasing the files so he can claim full transparency. He stood firm that any complaint the accuser would have made would not be there. Those records at the University, Biden confirmed, related to his record in the Senate and would be released 2 years after he leaves public life.The hypocrisy of the Republicans and Fox News on the Biden issue is in lock-step with Trump’s playbook, which says, ” If I do it, it’s not wrong, but if someone else does the same thing, it is wrong.” The Democrats are not skilled at dirty politics. The Republicans are masters at it. The conspiracy theory operation of Fox News is an example. Their reporting goes beyond bias. MSNBC is biased towards Democrats, yet they still report facts. Fox is tabloid journalism, a television version of the National Enquirer. They don’t publish the news, they offer opinions, spin, and angry commentary whose end game is not just about winning their opponents, it is about destroying them.Let’s put out a challenge to the angry, Trump sycophant Sean Hannity. If Fox keeps insisting Joe Biden release his Senate records stored at the University of Delaware, they should also call upon Trump to publish the killed stories in the National Enquirer vault. He should also be asked to release the hidden documents in a White House vault related to the impeachment inquiry and Russia investigation.Republicans act tough with “nasty” rhetoric, but in reality, they lack courage. The hypocrisy, lying, blaming, and whining is weakling behaviors that intelligent members of both parties see-through.It is unknown how the Biden accusation will affect his candidacy. It is unclear how the Democratic Party will navigate the challenges of it. But Democrats must understand the current Republican Party is not just an opponent, they now act like the enemy. That is both sad and a threat to our democracy. Democrats have to make choices that are based on winning the 2020 election while staying as moral as possible in this toxic campaign to defeat Trump and regain the Senate.

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