Trump Voters ! Some Say Trump Calls His Supporters Sheep. Go And Vote For Him And Cheer At His Rallies. But Please Tell Him To Stop Lying, Or Threaten That You Will Not Vote For Him in November. His Last Lie About COVID-19 Being a Hoax Left Us Unprotected From A Virus That Has Caused Over 80,000 Americans To Die. This Week He Seriously Proposed Injecting Disinfectants Into The Body Might Kill The Virus. The Severe Backlash From Medical Experts And Lysol Representatives Caused Him To Lie That He Was Just Being Sarcastic. His Ignorance And Inability To Shut Up About Science Of Any Kind Will Create Policies That Will Kill More People.

It is documented, whether Trump supporters will publicly admit it or not, that he knew the coronavirus had made it to the United States in January. He was warned back in December by the World Health Organization that the coronavirus COVID-19, was highly contagious and that measures should be taken to protect widespread infection. Despite these warnings, Trump decided based on his “gut feelings” or wishful thinking, to tell the public that it was a hoax. After the statistics began to prove that was a lie, he began announcing that the virus was “like the flu” and to not worry it would be gone in soon. When the number of infected people was at 15, he pronounced, “that low number would be down to zero in two weeks.” It was, at the very least reckless and self-serving to make those inaccurate statements.

However, based on numerous reports in the media as to the exact dates Trump was given, 1) the scientific facts about the coronavirus, 2) the spread that was occurring, and 3) what needed to be done to protect the health of the American public, he did nothing except close the borders to people trying to enter the U.S. from China. Despite the fact, COVID-19 had clearly become a pandemic, Trump in his inability to understand how to manage the crisis, took the one move that he most enjoys, closing borders. The facts are while he was lying and downplaying the virus information announced by the health organizations, other countries, and scientists, the American public was unknowingly becoming infected by spreading the disease through normal social levels of interaction. Trump lied that “no one could have seen this coming,” but the truth was, he was told it was coming. Had the President been willing to listen to experts, read reports (instead of making decisions based on the rhetoric of Fox News opinion journalists), and become knowledgeable about pandemics, he would have developed a plan to mitigate the potential consequences of a virus that was taking lives at record speed.

His need to appear macho, (because he isn’t), may have driven him to lie about the virus until there was no way the lie could be believed even by his base. His next lying tactic was to proclaim what a great job he was doing by being ahead of all the other countries in getting the virus under control. He is still telling that lie, despite the statistic that more people in the United States have died from COVID-19 than in any other country. Is that lying, delusional, or a result of not reading the facts ( it is well documented Trump doesn’t read much of what he is given by staff and members of his Administration). He has also continued to claim that “anyone who wants a test can get a test.” That still remains untrue.

Those who are not Trump supporters realize that he does care about them. He has divided the country by region, race, religion, and political party beyond any division that existed before. We understand that he is dependent on his base to support him if there is any chance he can pull off what seems to be his unlikely re-election. It would be sad if what woke up his base was extreme losses to life and health to their population, resulting from lies from the most dishonest person ever to be President of the United States.STAUNCH TRUMP VOTERS HAVE MORE INFLUENCE OVER THE PRESIDENT THAN ANY ADVISOR, EVEN MORE THAN FOX NEWS. HE NEEDS THOSE VOTES. THE COUNTRY NEEDS HIS BASE TO DEMAND HE STOP LYING, OR THREATEN TO NOT VOTE FOR HIM. AS MUCH AS HE LOVES TO LIE, HE MAY LOVE POWER MORE.

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