Trump’s Hunger For Power Fuels His Strategy of Deflection Away From His Disasterous, Loss of Life Handling of The COVID-19 Pandemic. The Statistics That Show An Excess of 700,000 CoronaVirus Cases and Over 65,000 Deaths Is Getting Difficult Even For The Snake Oil President To Sell As A Positive Reflection Of His Leadership. Be Prepared For New Episodes Coming To Trump TV With False Themes like; Joe Biden Corruption, Democratic Voter Fraud, and More Lies.

The facts are, Trump knew about the coronavirus and the threat to the public health of Americans in January. He closed the border for people coming from China on January 29th, because one action as President he has proven to enjoy is closing borders. He did not devise a plan or form a task force to mitigate the inevitable spread of the virus. In addition to no preparedness, he lied about the seriousness of the infection, calling it “like the flu,” and in February as the spread was occurring, said that in a few weeks when the weather got warmer, it would be gone. If you think about it, these behaviors could mean Trump maybe knew he was risking American lives but was more worried about the economic numbers and his re-election.

Only someone with a personality as disturbed as Trump could stand in the face of facts and call a horrendous tragedy like the loss of tens of thousands of American lives during a pandemic, ” a good job.” How delusional is he or how stupid does he think Americans are? When Joe Biden talks about COVID-19, he tears up, identifies with the grief, and offers comforting words and a hopeful message. In contrast, Trump robotically reads off a teleprompter how “horrible” these deaths are. There is no real emotion or compassion when he attempts to identify with the suffering of others. This explains why so many mental health professionals speculate he may be a sociopath, one of the most severe personality diagnoses a person can receive.

This week Trump began to revive the narrative about ” corrupt Joe Biden” in his past dealings with China and Ukraine. Previous investigations have proven Joe Biden has committed no acts of corruption in Ukraine or with China. However, Trump continues to repeat these lying accusations, in hopes they will be believed to be accurate. One of his strategies is to accuse people of corrupt acts that he has committed. He projects incriminating acts that he has committed onto his opponents in the hope that enough people will believe that he is innocent, and the person he accuses is guilty. He has done this throughout his presidency, and the strategy has become a tired, sad attempt by the President to hide the fact he has committed crimes and lied.

Every person who has opposed Trump has been accused of corrupt or criminal acts. Is it possible that every person Trump doesn’t like or is threatened by is a lying, corrupt criminal?Another Trump TV deflection episode will be about the conspiracy theory of rampant voter fraud committed by the Democrats to block his re-election. Trump is waging war on the issue of vote-by-mail because he says it will keep Republicans from ever winning another election. How stupid can he be to admit that his opposition to vote-by-mail is politically motivated? He is not even clever at being corrupt. General anxiety is heightening as Americans who are paying attention are becoming aware of the sociopathic tendencies in Trump’s managing of COVID-19. His meandering messages during the daily task force briefings focus mainly on the concerns about the economy, over-optimism about yet to be vetted medications for coronavirus, and of course, pathological bragging about himself.

It is chilling to see statistics about infection and death displayed in the backdrop of Trump bragging or wasting time attacking a journalist for asking him a tough question. Polls indicate the majority of Americans don’t trust his judgment.During his briefing “performances,” he spreads misinformation and expresses wishful thinking about resuming the economy with the flip of a switch. He quotes the warnings of experts about how the spread of the virus is still a serious public health threat, but will then quote a Fox News talking point, such as” you don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease.”

Trump relies on Fox News for catchy phrases and policy ideas. Viewers of Fox report Trump repeats almost verbatim the themes of his favorite opinion journalists.Trump knows he was elected President based on his ability to tell just the right lies, to the just-right people, in just the right counties and states. He also knows how to present himself as the one billionaire in the world who actually cares about the disadvantaged and is dedicated to helping them. Despite the fact The Trump Charity Foundation and Trump University were shut down in scandal, the President has found a performance style that convinces some people to believe that he will save them from poverty, oppression, and marginalization. We need a President who tells the truth so we can trust he will choose the country and our democracy over his own self-interests.

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