Obama Needs To Step Into The Political Arena. His Quiet Restraint Is Giving Trump The Narrative That Biden Is Not A Strong Nominee For the Democrats. His Restraint From Blasting Trump Might Be Because He Respects the Office of the President, However, His Voice Of Hope, Change, And Patriotism Is Needed Now More Than Ever . It’s Time For Obama’s Public Presence To Trigger Trump’s Insecurities and Mental Instability Which Might Convince His Base To Reject Him.

Trump has shown nothing but contempt and disrespect for Barack Obama before and during his presidency. He hounded Obama with his blatant, racist “birther” conspiracy theory throughout the 2008 Presidential election. He joined with many Republican members of Congress to oppose any policy that Obama tried to pass. Trump sided with the racist Mitch McConnell, who declared he would do whatever he could to make sure Obama was a one-term president before the first piece of legislation was introduced.Many supporters of the former president wonder why he has not defended himself and his legacy against Trump’s major criticism and disrespectful rhetoric.

It is speculated that his personality type is characterized by restrained strength and confidence. However, Trump’s vicious, dishonest, criminal, narcissistic political mind will run dangerously wild with the kind of room Obama’s restraint affords him. The former president is intelligent and can be effectively calculating and sarcastic, often leaving his opponents speechless and in awe. There is no better person to challenge Trump’s insecurities and bring his pathological shortcomings to the surface than Barack Obama.Many Americans rightfully realize that Trump is psychologically disordered and, at his core, is weak.

His excessive bragging about himself at the daily COVID-19 briefings exposes his malignant narcissism. This pathology is even more evident because he is bragging about facts that reveal his incompetent pandemic response performance. Federal intervention came months after Trump was warned by public health officials of the threat the coronavirus posed to the U.S. He lied to the American people about the severity of the disease even after he knew the virus was dangerous. He has been guided by political self-interest during this entire crisis. He talks about bringing back the economy by “opening up” America again, despite warnings from medical experts that COVID-19 is not under control.

It has been noted by many journalists and politically aware Americans, that Trump has not shown an appropriate level of emotion, concern, and sadness about those infected with the virus and those who have died. His robotic delivery of attempts at empathy sound like that of a sociopath who is incapable of genuine feelings for others.Obama presents to the American public the kind of intelligent, moral, accomplished, and trustworthy President America needs. In contrast to Trump’s crass, immature, dishonest, and incompetent presentation, Obama’s eloquent, intelligent, articulate presence clarifies who the better man is. Trump’s abusiveness towards Obama reveals how inadequate he feels in comparison to him. His governing has been shaped by simply abolishing any accomplishment that Obama achieved as president. He ended the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and is in court trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. His reason for these and other anti-Obama actions are, “everything Obama did was bad for America.” This rhetoric sounds racist and jealous and has proven not to promote safer policies that protect America, the environment, and the survival of our democracy.

Democrats need Obama on the campaign trail supporting Joe Biden as the man who can beat Donald Trump and restore America’s moral standing in the world. Hearing Obama talk about the expertise Biden brought to his administration will help Americans trust the former Vice-President’s ability to lead and restore policies that elevate and protect America. We need Obama to remind Americans about the Democrat’s agenda, such as the danger of climate change, the importance of a human rights-based foreign policy, the value of strong relationships with our allies, and the appropriate boundaries to set with our adversaries. With his Harvard Law background and experience as President, Obama can remind America how much safer the country is having a leader who understands the Constitution and knows how to protect, not deconstruct our democracy.

Trump has been called a circus barker and a snake oil salesman. His crass persona has enmassed a base of mainly white, uneducated males. This sleazy persona appeals to people who revere the arrogance of wealthy, opportunistic leaders. The greedy rich want Trump to protect their wealth, and the hypocritical evangelicals have decided the sins the Bible denounces are acceptable if Trump has committed them. The Obama coalition, which is also the Biden coalition, must come out and fight to recover the moral dignity of the United States. Aside from his base, which happens to live in swing states that have electoral college influence, the majority of Americans and citizens of other countries never want to see a person as mean, dishonest, and unqualified as Trump to ever be elected president again.

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