In Addition To Covering The Covid-19 Epidemic, Cable News Must Resume Coverage of The Upcoming 2020 Elections. With or Without This Pandemic, We Have To Make Sure Donald Trump is Voted Out of Office. His Incompetence in Pandemic Preparedness Has Cost Lives and Proves Once Again He Is Unfit To Be President.

The coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic should continue to be extensive. However, a significant downside to the pervasive coverage is the increased television presence Trump is getting from his daily briefings. Biden, Bernie, and other Democratic leaders are taking too passive a role during the pandemic crisis. It feels as if no one is running against Trump anymore. If this imbalance of Democrat to Trump exposure persists, he will successfully brand himself as the virus slayer instead of the virus spreader. He ignored warnings about the threat of the coronavirus and then lied to Americans about the severity of the disease. His opportunistic deceit created an explosion of infection and death. He knew what could happen, but his obsession with staying in power drove him to lie and delay implementing an effective, organized plan to fight the rise in the spreading of the virus.In February to early March, he announced the virus was contained, that the number of those infected would soon be zero, and that it was just like the flu. We now know these statements prove that he was either lying or ignorant to facts, that as President, he should have known about COVID-19.CNN, MSNBC, and local news stations must dedicate more significant segments of air time to the Democratic race for the presidency.

During national crises, presidents typically get a boost in their poll ratings. People hope to hear promising news from a competent, comforting president during difficult times. They also expect accurate information about what is happening in their country. However, to Trump’s base, his constant visibility creates the illusion he is leading a winning battle against the pandemic. He has been masterful at spreading disinformation and taking credit for the expert leadership and sacrifice that medical professionals, scientists, governors, and the American people are making to fight the epidemic.

News stations must resume producing political segments that address the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. The public needs to be reminded that Democrats stand for fiscal equality, racial equality, healthcare affordability, environmental protection, and gender equality. They stand for strengthening the middle class, rebuilding our infrastructure and upholding the rule of law put forth in our Constitution. renewed coverage of the Democrats campaign to choose their candidate should include;

  • Daily briefings from Biden, Bernie, and former presidential candidates about their ideas for combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Biden and Bernie continuing to discuss their vision for America and the specific policies that contrast Trump’s policies of carnage upon our democracy.
  • Updates on the court cases such as the release of Trump’s taxes, the April 28th Appeals Court hearing involving Don McGahn’s subpoena, the emoluments clause issues, the Deutsche Bank suspicious dealings and other controversial financial conflicts of interest.
  • Updates on civil cases involving women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

These issues are crucial in that they expose the criminal and immoral patterns of Trump and his Administration. In contrast, the remaining and former Democratic candidates are not involved with criminals, are not being sued and investigated for criminal behavior or conflicts of interest. News segments must continue to remind the public that;The policies that continue to keep his base of supporters loyal are based on racism, greed, evangelical doctrine, reality television, or opportunistic Republican elected officials. Billionaires and millionaires love his tax cuts. This policy keeps the issue of financial inequality thriving. White Americans who fear becoming a minority support his racist policies against immigrants and U.S. communities of color and poverty.

Republicans in Congress who fear Trump’s retaliation if they talk truth to power, fall in line like sheep. While Republicans will defend anything Trump does, Democrats will break loyalty with any elected official that breaks legal or moral standards. That is called integrity and loyalty to the Constitution over one particular person.Republicans act as if they have ownership of faith influenced policies. However, Democrats talk about their faith in political discourse and the importance of a moral society. However, their religion does not cause them to support policies that discriminate against people who follow different, less fundamentalist religious beliefs.

Evangelicals have lost their spiritual compass in choosing to overlook the adulterous, dishonest, greedy, selfish, and gluttonous appetites of Trump. The religious right has convinced themselves that as long as a leader wants to abolish abortion, God wants them to overlook all the other sins. Sadly, this sect of Christianity has become perverted in their thinking about what morality is. In the end, this group will join the many groups that Trump has abandoned once he no longer likes or needs them. Trump believes in only one thing, and that is himself. He is not church-going. He does not know the Bible and has not lived in alliance with the teachings of the Bible.When the media return to covering the Democratic campaign and the candidates running to defeat Trump resumes, Americans will be reminded of what good policies and moral leadership look like. Watching Trump is like watching the decay of the American presidency.

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