There is An Abundance of Proof About Trump’s Incompetence, Ignorance, Dishonesty, Narcissism, and Immorality. However, The Evidence of Trump Being A Blatant, Mean-Spirited S.O.B Is As Disturbing As All His Other Flaws. Most Men See His Behavior More Like That Of A Sissy Than Strong Man.

There has never been a President in U.S. history as crass, rude, insulting, disrespectful, insecure, and mean as Donald J. Trump. The Republican Party has been complicit in the degradation of the office of the presidency by continuing to support him. His constant name-calling, threatening people, publicly abusing and humiliating people, crass language, are just several ways in which Trump simply acts like an S.O.B. Many say that if Trump was not so tall, obese, and loud, he would be seen as a whiny, weak joke. He uses his size as part of his S.O.B. personality.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of an S.O.B is; an offensive, disagreeable, vulgar person, usually used about a man. Implied in this definition is a person who shows no respect or compassion for the feelings of others. The S.O.B. revels in being good at making people upset, hurt, and scared. He also strives to ruin people’s professional lives if they don’t worship, agree with, and serve him. Former FBI Director James Comey revealed Trump asked him for an oath of loyalty, and when he did not give it, he was on his way out of a job. Trump seems to take pride in acting like an S.O.B because, in his world of abusive, arrogant, entitled men, this behavior defines him as a “strongman.” The truth is, from the eye of trained mental health professionals and all decent people, Trump is a weak, fragile, insecure man. In fact, in laymen’s terms, a real strong man sees him more like a sissy. Trump whines, blame, cannot maturely handle criticism, lies, and bullies. Bullying is where he expresses his S.O.B behaviors and is where he probably feels the most insulated from his more deep-seated fears of rejection and inadequacy. Some well-documented examples of him being an S.O.B are;

  • Publicly firing people such as James Comey and Rex Tillerson in tweets instead of by a professional, respectful method.
  • Bringing women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct to sit up front at one of the Presidential debates with Hillary Clinton. ( How would the S.O.B. handle it if Stormy Daniels and Susan McDougal were invited to sit up front at his daily briefings?)
  • Mocked Christine Blasey Ford in front of a cheering crowd
  • Physically pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro at a NATO event.
  • At the G-7, showed up late, berated some of the attendees about trade agreements, was abrasive to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, threw Starburst candy at German Leader Angela Merkel and left the summit early.
  • Retaliates against states such as California, New York, and Washington by creating policies that attempt to sabotage the autonomy and agendas of those states.
  • Instigates a dangerous hostility towards any member of the press who challenges or criticizes him.
  • Tweets disrespectful insults to elected officials

Bill Maher has aptly named Trump, “a whiny, little bitch.” How he fools men and women into believing he is strong is a strange social phenomenon. He can’t admit when he makes a mistake or when he needs to learn more about a topic. He claims he knows more about everything than every expert. However, I am beginning to think the base might not fully believe in him anymore. His whining, blaming, and attempts to hide the facts of his dangerous mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic is on display every day during his task force briefings. He caused many people to cringe recently as he brought up the high viewership of the presentations. His attention to the ratings of the briefings has been widely seen as a pathetic exposure of this self-interest driven presidency.S.O.B.’s are disinterested in helping or serving anyone but themselves.

Anyone who thinks Trump loves them and would never turn on them should try testing that hypothesis. The S.O.B has no trouble coming up with ways to seek vengeance and abandon anyone. Trump supporters don’t have to announce they are turning off to him, but hopefully, they will either stay home on election day or secretly vote against him.

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