Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, Has Accused Trump of Failing To Competently Prepare For a Global Pandemic Despite Warnings From The Obama Transition Team. The Coronavirus Outbreak Proves Trump’s Total Imcompetence As A Leader. Healthcare Workers Do Not Have The Protective Gear They Need, Testing Availability Is Limited, and the Federal Response To The Crisis Is Inadequate.

Watching Trump at the Coronavirus task force briefings is brutal. He looks spaced out when the experts talk, and sounds ignorant when he drones on about his plan to confront the pandemic crisis. He claims no responsibility for the disastrous threat the virus poses to American lives. However, Former Obama National Security Adbisor Susan Rice is on record saying Trump was warned to prepare for a pandemic and in response to that warning dismantled the office for global health security.

Informed Trump About Pandemic Preparedness

Donald Trump is completely incompetent as a president and a callous, money-obsessed, corrupt human being. By the second year of his presidency, he began firing qualified professionals in high level government positions who he realized were more loyal to the Constitution and their oath of office than to him. His criminal, narcissistic mind realized that to achieve his goal of autocracy, he had to forego hiring competent people and instead employ loyal sycophants. The elected Republican members of Congress were bullied into loyalty with threats of being primaried or public humiliation.

Not unlike his ineffective response to the Covid-19 epidemic, most of Trump’s policies have brought hardship to millions of people. His pandering to white supremacists has caused an increase in racial tension and violence towards minorities. His immigration policies have separated families and endangered the lives of asylum seekers. His tax cuts for the rich have ignored the immediate financial struggle of the lower and middle class. His presidency is based solely on the economy because it serves him personally and professionally. He has done nothing to improve racial and gender equality, financial equality, the crumbling U.S. infrastructure, public health, preservation of the planet, or national security. Among allied world leaders, Trump is widely disliked and disrespected. Intellectually and morally he is far below the caliber of allied world leaders. If he wasn’t so skilled at hiring severely disordered, corrupt people to protect him, he would have been removed from office by now or forced to resign.

Trump did not create the Coronavirus, but his lack of preparedness for a pandemic makes him responsible for the devastating, life-threatening effects now facing every American. Because his sole purpose as president is to be re-elected, he has focused on the economy and not focused on issues that directly affect public health or the environmental crisis. A qualified president is able to simultaneously address multiple priorities with equivalent skill and focus. White House insiders have reported Trump cannot grasp the complexities of most issues relevant to running the government. Intellectually, they say, he is not up to the job. The devastating loss of life from the Coronavirus is proof of what millions of Americans have known for 3 1/2 years; America as we have known it is dying under the Trump administration. Mick Mulvaney was right in 2017 when he said, Trump is a horrible human being”. Rick Perry was also right when he said, ” Trump is a cancer on conservatism. ” Americans must unite to vote Trump out of office. We must choose this country over party loyalty.

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