Trump Was Able To Fake Compassion About The Coronavirus Epidemic For Only Two Weeks. He Has Now Resumed His Narcissistic Ways By Declaring He Wants The American Economy Back In Business By Easter. Pandering To The Evangelicals About Easter Is More Important To Him Than Saving American Lives. Despite The Rise of Infections and Death, Trump Still Denies Science. President appeared desperate and delusional Tuesday when he declared the impact of social distancing on the economy is unacceptable to him and needs to stop. He said, “People die from the flu, and we don’t shut down the economy.” How much more proof do people need to understand how dangerous Trump’s sociopathic approach to managing the Covid-19 pandemic is?

His appearance at the daily task force briefings reveals how clueless he is about the threat of the virus, the science behind it, and the most effective approach to protecting Americans from infection. His delivery at the briefings is emotionless and robotic. Clearly, the medical experts have thus far been able to convince him to follow their strategies to contain the spread of the virus. However, he cannot keep up faking concern about the illness, as, despite the increased rate of virus infection and death, he wants America back to work by Easter. For years White House insiders have reported Trump dismisses the advice of experts because he believes he always knows better than anyone. That is called being DELUSIONAL.

We know Trump was made aware of the Coronavirus spread in China in December 2019. We know from reports from White House staff that he dismissed the issue as not warranting preparedness. By eliminating the pandemic program Obama developed in 2017, the president left Americans unprepared to protect themselves from becoming infected. Even after the country became alarmed about the dangerous implications of Covid-19, Trump downplayed it, making statements implying it wouldn’t be a big deal and “would be gone quickly.” This President riffs false information and wishful thinking instead of stating scientific facts and compassion. He is driven by his need to be seen as smart and strong. Even a first-year therapist-in-training would see his behavior is pathological.

Unless Trump and his task force can declare there are masks, gloves, and virus testing for everyone, they should admit they are failing to protect the physical and emotional health of Americans. Instead of claiming responsibility for the desperate conditions citizens have to endure to fight this pandemic, Trump rates his performance a perfect 10. With a shortage of masks, gloves, mass testing, and a late start to stopping the virus spread, Trump can make no claim of competence. Governors must continue to use the resources of their states to produce mass testing and protective gear because the federal government’s efforts are failing. Maybe some brave patriot will suggest to Congress that Trump’s useless wall money should be redirected to the states for managing this pandemic.

If Trump orders businesses to re-open for Easter despite statistics showing an increase in virus infection and death, the country needs to rebel. The Republican Congress has indicated they will continue to support Trump’s mad king’s behavior, so the people must ignore his authority and choose their health over obedience to this administration’s dangerous incompetence.

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