To Those Americans Still Believing Trump Is Qualified For Office, How Does It Feel To Not Be Able To Get A Coronavirus Test, To Not Be Able To Buy A Mask Or Protective Gloves, Or To Be Quarantined In Your Home? Trump Was Made Aware of The Virus Spread in China and Europe in January And Did Nothing To Protect Us From The Public Health Crisis We Are Now Suffering Through. The Stable Genius Is Dishonest, Unstable And Incompetent.

Trump’s initial lying about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic is proof of his incompetent, self-serving approach to governing.

The pervasiveness of his dishonesty has become legendary. When he is not blatantly lying, he is covering up information about himself that could either put him in jail or turn his brainwashed base against him. Despite his suspicious obstruction of Congress, Trump’s serious legal problems are progressing through the court system with rulings at every stage going against him. The courts ruled to have the White House turn over the redacted version of the Mueller Report. Rulings on the release of his taxes continue to be in favor of the House’s right to obtain them. Rulings on whether Don McGahn, Trump’s former White House Counsel must honor a House of Representative subpoena to testify regarding the Russia Investigation have been favorable to the House. Should we trust a president who lies and fights with all of his might to block the release of information that pertains to legal and ethical standards?

The Coronavirus Epidemic has produced a new Trump reality show playing daily on every channel. In his desperation to make up for the loss of being allowed to hold campaign rallies, he now awkwardly appears daily on TV to convince the American people that he is not accountable for the severity of his epidemic. I suppose he can fool those who worship his celebrity and believe in false prophets, but most Americans who have read about the origin of Coronavirus in China, know he ignored the warnings from the public health professionals and thus rendered Americans unsuspecting targets of this dangerous, contagious virus. Even as the number of infected people increased, Trump continued to downplay the warnings of national security and public health officials. His concern about the stock market seemed more concerning to him than the danger the virus presented to the safety of the public.

Because the Trump administration failed to be prepared for a pandemic, Americans must now hide in fear of either contracting the virus or unknowingly being infected and spreading it to others. Trump brazenly and arrogantly declares he takes no responsibility for the severity of the Coronavirus crisis. Without shame, he declares ” nobody could have seen this coming,” He continues to deny that he was informed in December of the virus threat in China. The facts are documented. He knew of the situation, didn’t care enough or understand enough to take action. Stockpiling money for his beloved racist wall was more important than making sure we had a fully staffed pandemic program in place to manage a health crisis of this magnitude. He is obsessed with minimizing the damage from Coronavirus to his credibility, which at this point should be the fatal blow to his presidency.

Jeb Bush predicted Trump would be a chaotic president, and sadly he was right. Hopefully, the independents who held their noses and voted for Trump in 2016, have learned he is a dangerous, incompetent autocrat and will not vote for him in 2020. The narrative that Trump created this great economy is false. What is accurate is that he inherited an excellent economy that Barack Obama saved after the 2008 George W. Bush recession fiasco. Trump is a master at taking more credit than he deserves for positive outcomes and claiming no accountability for negative outcomes. I suppose President Harry Truman”s declaration “the buck stops here” only applies to great men of integrity, who embody moral and intellectual excellence (none of which can be said of Trump.)

Some may read these criticisms of this administration and feel they are inappropriate to put forth during the Coronavirus crisis. However, watching Trump and his task force attempt to tout their efforts to stop the carnage that this administration’s incompetence contributed to creating is hard to endure. For a president to be unprepared to effectively manage a public health crisis is unforgivable. Thank goodness with have smart governors and philanthropic real millionaires and billionaires in this country who are making up for what this current federal government has shown to be incapable of doing. Every time you wish you could find a mask, protective gloves, or get tested to find out if you are infected with the virus, remember the importance of voting for leaders who are honest and competent enough to hold the office of President of the United States.

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