Trump’s Gutting Of Obama’s National Security Counsel Directorate For Pandemic Preparedness Made Americans Unprotected Targets Of The Coronavirus. The President Is Incompetent And His Presidency Has Become A Reign of Terror On Democracy and Now On American Lives. Any Supporter Of Trump Should Be Exempt From A Stimulus Check.

In March of 2020, ABC News reported when Trump dismantled the pandemic unit of the NSC, he declared he didn’t share the same concern of experts in the field about the threat of pandemics. The reporting made it clear Trump was warned that it wasn’t a matter of if we would face a health epidemic, it was a matter of when. Despite this warning, Trump proceeded with additional cuts to the CDC. It is clear to smart Americans that Trump is not competent to be president. When he is out of his league intellectually regarding a problem, he either makes a destructive decision, uses his power to create a cover-up, or blatantly lies. He initially minimized the seriousness of the virus and created a dangerously slow federal response, which created the need to shut down the country.

This week he announced that ” we were blind-sighted by the virus, nobody saw it coming.” That statement is a blatant lie. During the transition between the Obama administration and the Trump administration, Trump was warned by the National Institute of Health to expect that we would face a pandemic. ABC also reported Trump said, ” This is the kind of thing you never think is going to happen.” Presidents are supposed to develop a vast understanding of all potential threats to the health and national security facing the American people. His statements reflect attitudes exhibited by young children with limited life experience and underdeveloped cognitive skills which aid in forecasting potential outcomes or consequences

Trump’s unfitness for the job is also made apparent by his narrow focus on two issues, the economy, and immigration. His obsession with money and his history of racist rhetoric is what has shaped his administration’s policies. The vast amount of other complex issues facing America have gotten ignored or mishandled. If a problem doesn’t turn him on, or if he cannot comprehend the topic, that issue becomes a low priority. In replacement of real ideology, Trump has used his hatred for Obama as his guide for governing. The doctrine is pure. Whatever Obama did, he will undo it. This man has a severely damaged sense of his own manhood. He must be haunted by how he will never measure up to Obama’s areas of excellence and successes which includes;

1. An approval rating of over 60%,

2. One long-term, scandal-free marriage,

3. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize,

4. Having a Harvard Law degree,

5. Passing the Affordable Care Act.

How do Trump supporters justify their position that as long as they are impressed by his bravado, it is acceptable for him to lie, cheat, break laws, and have zero qualifications for the job? As people lose their jobs, 401k’s, health, and American life as they knew it, hopefully, the cult of the Trump movement will be broken. Maybe then this divided country will unite under the leadership of a qualified president and administration.

It is time for the criminal, clown car driven by Trump, which includes Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, AG William Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Kellyanne Conway (and many more) to be gone. The Coronavirus pandemic is proof this presidency presents a clear and present danger far more significant than we could have ever imagined. Trump has said he gives himself a rating of 10 in his handling of the virus epidemic. He has the chutzpah to make such a statement despite the deficits in virus testing, availability of essential medical equipment, and loss of life are occurring on his presidential watch. Whether his behavior is a symptom of chutzpah, ignorance, or narcissism, he is ill-equipped to lead America’s recovery. We must look toward our governor’s for leadership, not the president.

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