New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Sounds Presidential. He Laid Out A Comprehensive Plan To Slow The Spread of the CoronaVirus. His Detailed, Future-thinking Plan For the Tri-State Area Should Serve As A Model For All States. The Plan Also Exposes The Failures Of Trump And His Administration. Cuomo Is Competent. Trump’s Incompetence Led to The U.S. Being Unprepared And Thus Caused The Crisis.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan is specific beyond any plan the federal government has put forth. It is pathetic watching Trump claim ownership for directives about how states and cities should manage the virus epidemic. Governors and Mayors are implementing strategies the federal government should be leading. Trump has shown no expertise or leadership during this public health crisis. He has lied, contradicted facts, and boasted about how great he is doing when clearly he is failing this country. He lied again today announcing testing is now available to the public. Dan Goldman, a prosecuting attorney during the impeachment trial, had to drive to another state to get tested despite exhibiting symptoms consistent with testing protocols. He tested positive for the virus.

Cuomo wrote a letter to Trump asking him to develop ” an aggressive national policy to initiate school closures, expanded testing, and hospital surge capacity.” States are making these hard decisions and implementing intelligent policies to protect the public’s health. Governor Cuomo makes it clear that states need more federal aid, leadership and consistent messaging from the White House. Trump and his administration cannot be trusted to lead this fight against Coronavirus because their messaging is often inaccurate and inconsistent. The President is mainly focused on deflecting any responsibility on his part for this country ending up in a shut down to protect itself from mass infection.

Among many unfortunate lessons, America has learned from electing an unqualified, character-flawed person to be president is that disaster to the country will be inevitable. Had we had a president equipt for the demands of the office, he or she would have kept the federal pandemic office in full force as well as analyzed virus statistics from China during the initial outbreak. However, Trump was barreling along manipulating the stock market with tweets, disparaging his opponents, and golfing. It is obvious he is clueless when he speaks on important governmental or legal topics. Without a written speech, he resorts to riffing, just making things up to sound strong, and smart. NOT CONVINCING!

People are panicking, rushing to buy food and supplies and fearing the worst will happen to them. America’s shut down could have been avoided under the direction of a competent administration. In his delusional view of his own greatness, Trump believes he is solving this crisis. He makes false promises, especially about available testing for Coronavirus and his speeches lack emotion and empathy. Americans desperately need to feel confident that the government knows what it is doing. Lacking confidence in the people in power is causing emotional harm to millions of people. That is why the competence of leaders like Governor Cuomo creates hope for America’s recovery.

The fact that every American cannot get tested tells us under Trump’s leadership, our physical and emotional well-being has not been a priority of this administration. We are all paying the price for this now, the president will pay in November 2020.

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