The Narcissist Trump is Producing A Daily Coronavirus TV Show To Help Him Cope With the Loss Of His Ego-Driven Rallies. In Each Episode, He Brags About Himself And Quotes Inaccurate Information. The Trump Show Includes Humiliating Bootlicking By Mike Pence Surrounded By The Virus Task Force Who Takes Turns Bootlicking. Bragging About What He Should Have Been Doing Months Ago Is Trump’s Desperate Attempt At Damage Control.

 Trump has been desperately thinking of how to alleviate his fear of losing popularity with his base due to the Coronavirus ban on campaign rallies. His reality TV mind has clicked on the idea he could use the virus pandemic as the theme for a daily appearance on television. His presence at every briefing by the task force is unnecessary.  He clearly is not well-versed on the science related to Coronavirus.  Instead, he is obsessed with the effects the epidemic is having on the stock market and how it might affect his re-election. His virus reality show script allows him to present a positive spin on his colossal mishandling of the Coronavirus outbreak. It allows him to pathologically brag about himself and talk optimistically about the stock market while ignoring the catastrophic debt he has created. The medical members of the task force are sharing important information about how the virus is spreading, testing protocols, and behavioral modifications American people need to make during this epidemic.  Trump’s misstatements and his weak attempt at empathy is a distraction from understanding what the experts are telling us.

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