Strategies The Democratic Nominee and The Bloomberg Organization Should Employ In Their Effort to End The Embarrassing, Dangerous, and Lawless Trump Presidency. He Must Be Disarmed By Exposing The Laws He Has Broken, The Lies He Has Told, The Immoral Scandals, The Broken Promises, and The Criminals He Befriends.

One of Trump’s most effective political strategies is to cause constant chaos to dilute whatever scandal or failure he has currently created. Reminding the electorate of his immense unfitness and unworthiness to be President should be a major campaign strategy goal.

A campaign strategy to consider is organizing monthly, peaceful demonstrations in Washington DC that raise awareness of how Trump policies, flawed character, and dishonesty is a threat to American democracy. Social media campaigns should not completely replace people taking to the streets and communicating their patriotic concern for the assault on decency and the rule of law that Trump and the Republicans are waging.

Trump loves to troll Democratic rallies, consistent with his bullying, aggressive personality, so the DNC must fund rallies to be held in the same city on the same day where Trump is holding a rally. In the spirit of reciprocity to even the political playing field, it is time to operate by some of Trump’s tactics.

Additionally, TV ads highlighting themes that show evidence Trump is unstable, dishonest, abusive, racist, sexist, and incompetent could alert his supporters to rethink their commitment to continue to support him. Topic suggestions for the television ad campaign are:

  • His use of misinformation and lies about the Coronavirus to counter the stock market decline
  • Pathological bragging about himself revealing his weak ego
  • Sexist, misogynistic remarks about women
  • Racist statements and racist policies against non-white immigrants
  • His campaign to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, with no plan to replace it
  • Statements to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Statements showing stupidity about science and medicine
  • The video mocking the disabled journalist.
  • Disparaging statements against judges, the intelligence community, ambassadors, military heroes, including generals
  • Lies and contradictions about people ( Hillary, Obama, etc.) his policies, natural disasters, economy, his finances, taxes, and more.
  • Describing credible investigations as hoaxes and witch hunts
  • Scandals involving; women accusing him of sexual assault, affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, Trump University, Trump Foundation, bankruptcies, and associations with criminals.
  • Highlights of pending lawsuits against him in the courts
  • The Mueller Report findings naming the 10 incidences of obstruction of justice, co-ordination with Russians for meetings to gain information on opponents, Trump-indicted associates in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Trump associates convicted and jailed for criminal behavior in the Russia investigation, Mueller’s declaration that Trump could be prosecuted for the acts he was found to have committed during the investigation.
  • Impeachment hearing testimonies by the US Ambassadors and State Department Officials about the Ukraine quid pro quo.
  • The number of Trump Cabinet members that were fired, reprimanded, or resigned due to scandalous behavior involving financial abuse of their office.
  • The number of Trump-appointed White House staff that have been fired or resigned from their jobs.
  • The countless examples of lack of transparency regarding his tax returns ( even Trump supporters must know he is hiding tax crimes), phone records with foreign leaders, redacted information from the Mueller Report, full medical record disclosure, his school transcripts, and blocking compliance with legal Congressional subpoenas issued by The House.
  • Clips of Melania batting his hand away when he tries to hold hers.
  • Clips that demonstrate his lack of understanding of the Constitution
  • Statements he has made that are similar to infamous dictators
  • Inappropriate statements that describe his coldness towards the suffering of others
  • Using inappropriate language at rallies where children are present
  • The Access Hollywood tape and excerpts from the Howard Stern Show where he admits watching young women get dressed during beauty pageants
  • Incidences of him mispronouncing words and misspelling words
  • Campaign promises he has not kept ( such as Mexico will pay for the wall, I will release my taxes, I will protect pre-existing conditions).

These ads would include footage of Trump proving who is really is in his own words. They would also include factual evidence, that despite Trump’s dishonesty and that of the wimpy Republicans, would prove the President’s lack of character, lack of qualifications, and contempt for the rule of law.

The ads should be aired in swing state counties that went for Obama but flipped for Trump in 2016, CNN, MSNBC, and if possible on Fox news.

The mainstream media must realize it has been manipulated by Trump’s chaotic personality to play footage of him 24/7. Journalists say they understand that he is a narcissist and an attention whore, yet they spread his dangerous rhetoric to the delight of Fox News and his supporters. Journalists must stop playing any video of him where he is disparaging, threatening, and spreading misinformation about people and situations. Coverage of his rallies should be limited to avoid being complicit in how much of his rhetoric reaches the electorate.

This documentary-style presentation of the reasons why Trump is dangerous to our democracy should flood the airwaves once the Democrats have chosen their nominee. The campaign of disinformation and aggression that Trump and the Republicans will unleash must be matched with truths that can influence voters who have doubts about his fitness to be re-elected.