Making The Case For Joe Biden is Simple. Trump Has Destabilized Our Government, Our Democracy, and Our Moral Standing in The World. The Majority of Americans Are Reeling From the Chaos and Divisiveness Caused By This Impeached President. We Need An Experienced, Moral, Normal, Decent, Experienced Person to Guide America Back to Respect For the Rule of Law.

The coronavirus epidemic is the most recent proof of Trump’s incompetence. He is blaming China, declaring ” no one saw it coming”, and lying and denying that he knew anything about the decisions made to dismantle Obama’s pandemic preparedness program. In his desperate need to destroy any policy or program established by the Obama administration, he caused America to be unprepared for this pandemic. Action by the federal government under Trump’s leadership came only after the loss of American lives began to rise.

America desperately needs to block the re-election of Donald Trump to preserve the strength and integrity of our republic. America doesn’t need a revolution. America needs to stabilize so we can move forward once again. Trump has destroyed so much of what America stands for and we desperately need a return to our baseline of morality and stability. We need to recover our rule of law and moral character and Joe Biden has the experience and commitment it takes to begin America’s recovery.

Impeached Donald Trump has been a wrecking ball on the country for over 3 years. He has divided the parties more than any other president in history. He has attacked the foundational value of American immigration, contrary to the welcoming message on the Statue of Liberty. He has reduced funding for programs that benefit the poor, cut taxes on the wealthy, gutted environmental protection, is fighting to end the Affordable Care Act, and has and has fired and mistreated White House personnel, military officers, ambassadors, and other qualified government professionals.

His supporters worship his cult-like persona and false promises, and Republicans shake in their boots, hoping the bully won’t publicly humiliate or fire them. Trump deserved to be impeached, and he deserves to be removed from office. However, one thing he is good at is scaring people into submission. Behind closed doors, most congressional Republicans cannot stand him, don’t respect him, and would jump at the chance to get rid of him. But they fear getting attacked on Twitter or fired, so they hold their moses and stand by him. However, the lack of compassion, integrity, and intelligence of this President has the majority of Americans desperate for his defeat.

In contrast, Joe Biden is a man of integrity and is qualified to be President of the United States. He has been a public servant since elected to the Senate at the age of 29. He received his law degree in 1969 from Syracuse University. During his service in the Senate he has supported;

  • The North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
  • Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act
  • Renewable Energy
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Office on National Drug Control and Anti-Drug Abuse Act- 1988
  • Federal Assault Weapons Ban-1994
  • Boxer-Sanders Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act

His record reflects his commitment to issues that are at the core of Democratic Party values and causes. As Vice-President serving under Barack Obama, he aided in the Affordable Care Act becoming law. The Healthcare issue remains one of his top priorities. Biden is a self-made man. No inheritance or trust funds, just hard work, and strong ethics have guided his personal and professional life. He has suffered immense losses, and from his pain has come a deep compassion for others. He lost his first wife Neila and daughter Naomi in a car accident in 1972. His two sons were injured in the accident and hospitalized. He was sworn into the Senate at their bedside. His beloved son Beau Biden died of cancer in 2015. He proclaims his Catholic faith, his family, and his lifetime passion for public service have sustained him through times of emotional pain and tragedy. He is not a man with a history of infidelity, porn star trists, swindles, bankruptcies, lawsuits, and business scandals. Unlike Trump, who is divisive, shady, crass, and narcissistic, Joe is known for being kind, fair, bipartisan, spiritual, qualified, and honest.

Leaders with low character usually lead their countries into ruin. A leader who lies cannot be trusted on any issue, large or small. If a president leads to wield his power, command loyalty, and build his ego, he will make decisions that will ultimately endanger their country and the lives of its people. Presidents with respectable character lead with the goal of equally helping improve the lives of all the people they were elected to serve. A man of character is humble, empathic, honest, and respects the rule of law. Joe Biden is a man of character, sadly for America, Trump isn’ t.

Trump’s messaging about the coronavirus exposes his priorities are stock market numbers and his re-election. He downplays the facts about the virus, blames Democrats and the media for exaggerating the health risks, accusing them of trying to tank the market to hurt his re-election efforts. These responses are common in people with paranoid, manipulative, or narcissistic traits. Instead of spending time thinking about his re-election, shouldn’t Trump be working in an informed way to protect American lives from COVID-19?

Joe Biden is ready to be President and help America recover from the damage Trump had caused to our democracy and moral identity. He has put forth an 8 stage plan to deal with the pandemic. He will improve relations with our allies. They know him well and respect his experience and integrity. He can restore respect for government officials by showing appreciation for their service and expertise. He can restore trust in America because he is not a pathological liar. He can re-establish the goal of bipartisanship between the House and Senate. He can strengthen respect for the rule of law and the three co-equal branches of our government.

Lastly, as Joe says, “I will restore the soul of America ” by bringing moral leadership back to the presidency, Millions of Americans are desperate to MAKE AMERICAN LEADERSHIP MORAL AGAIN.