Trump Continues The Anti- American Execution of His Power. He Places Unqualified People in Important Jobs Because They Pledge Loyalty. He Disparages Judges, Jurors, The Intelligence Community, the Military, Former U.S. Presidents, The Press, Climate Change Scientists, and Public Health Officials. He is a Fake American.

Trump talks to win votes, not out of sincerity or conviction. He promises better financial gains for all people, yet his policies benefit only the rich. He says that the coronavirus problem is getting better because he is worried about the effect on the stock market. He declares America and the Constitution is his priority, yet he breaks laws and norms to promote his own personal and professional gains. He says he is a patriot and fools his base into believing him because he says the words, “I love America” while attacking almost every aspect of our country and government.

He is the ultimate snake oil salesman from the turn of the century.He is getting more brazen in pursuit of his goal to control all three branches of government. He has AG William Barr acting as his private attorney, abandoning the interests of the American people and the rule of law. He has Secretary of State Mike Pompeo parroting his talking points in embarrassing, robotic press appearances. He has publicly disparaged the Judiciary, the Intelligence community, the military, State legislators and attorney general’s, and the Constitution.This week he attacked Judge Amy Berman who presided over Roger Stone’s trial, calling her biased. He attacked the lead juror in the Stone trial on Twitter also accusing her of being biased. He suggested Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor recuse herself for writing a dissent calling out the conservative judges for granting the administrations excessive requests to hear cases that do not meet the standard criteria for Supreme Court ruling.

This week the court in a 5-4 vote allowed the administrations “public charge” rule to go into effect halting a lower court ruling which blocked the rule from going into effect in Illinois. This president inserts himself into cases that involve his criminal friends or promote his racist policies. Does he defend and pardon these criminal associates and friends because he is afraid they will flip on him, exposing his wrongdoings?In his recent budget proposal, Trump cut billions of funding for the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Education, Health and Social Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Development just to name a few. It is apparent in these funding reductions that Trump clearly is not interested in raising the quality of life for the lower and middle class. As has been speculated about him when analyzing his priorities, he is not committed to providing affordable healthcare, housing, or quality education to millions of Americans in need. He lacks the compassion it takes for a leader to support programs that focus on people who are either poor, disabled, or members of a minority.

This week at a CNN town hall in South Carolina, Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg told Trump supporters he laughs at them for believing his false promises. Candidates Buttigieg, Sander’s, and Steyer comprehensively discussed the complex issues of dealing with climate change, racial inequality, economic inequality, and healthcare. Listening to their knowledge, compassion, and policy proposals was a reminder that Trump is incapable of communicating at their level. He is incapable of understanding complex issues so he uses the rally venue in replacement of town halls and debates where one must demonstrate a deep understanding of the issues. The details of how he intends to keep his promises lack in his reality show, teleprompter, rally performances.

Americans must break their addiction to celebrity worship when voting for a president. It should not be acceptable for a president to be unvetted on knowledge about issues that affect national security and maintaining the rule of law. If you listen to Trump’ s speeches, they are heavy on Democrat bashing and light of substance. To better cope with the despair of this crime-ridden presidency, remember how criminals usually end their crime sprees. Some day his face won’t be the only thing orange about him.

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