Democrats Beware! Bernie Sanders is a Skilled Politician and Patriot, But if Russia Wants Him to Win It Must Mean It Is How Trump Will Get Re-elected. Getting Trump Out of Office is More Important Than Any Particular Candidate Getting The Nomination.

Bernie Sander’s revolution movement is a gamble in the minds of many democrats whose main goal is to ensure Trump does not get re-elected. The recent news from the intelligence community that Trump and Russia favor Sander’s nomination is concerning to millions. Bernie’s label as a Democratic Socialist is seen as a weakness that will hand Trump his re-election. Trump will strategically label Bernie as a Communist, scaring away the political illiterates in key voting states. Unfortunately, it is not a requirement for US citizens to know the truth about a candidate’s character, experience, or corruptive tendencies. All Americans should be suspicious of a candidate that our autocratic adversary favors.

Sander’s personality style is similar to Trump’s and is concerning to many democrats. Bernie is rigid in his ideology similar to Trump. His stance on a Medicare For All policy is an example of this. Many Americans want to have choices when considering the kind of medical insurance they want for themselves and their families. However, Sander’s is immovable on the idea of Medicare For All if you want it. He has a similar “I will do and say whatever I want, my way is the only way and shouldn’t be opposed.” He isn’t the full narcissist that Trump is, but he presents with similar traits. This style will present a problem for his candidacy among democrats who fear he will not be flexible in his rhetoric to effectively combat Trump’s strategy of labeling him a Socialist and Communist. Without a plan to counter such negative narratives, there will be no chance for independents and Republicans in swing states to vote for a democrat.

Another similarity between Sander’s and Trump lies in the manner in which his followers support him. There is a wave of anger and euphoria to their advocacy for him which feels similar to Trump’s cult-like base. The cult mentality involves loyalty without question to the cult leader and their ideology. No criticism is tolerated and there is hostility directed at those who do not share the views of the leader and his or her beliefs. Despite the difference between Sander’s positive message towards helping the poor and strengthening the middle class and Trump’s racist, autocratic, corrupt ideology, the tone of his movement is creating increasing division within the Democratic Party.

Another concern for lifelong democrats is that Sander’s is not actually a democrat. He identifies more as an independent and therefore many democrats do not trust that he holds the same goals of the party. Sanders remains uninterested in assuaging concerns about these types of concerns which will be essential in uniting the party to defeat Trump. He gets stuck on a verbal loop about his policies, similar to how Trump rants about his wall, hoaxes and witch-hunts, and conspiracy theories. It is that similarity in Sander’s approach to pursuing the presidency that creates doubt and a threat to winning back the White House. There is also worry that his extreme left-leaning ideology will cost us control of the House of Representatives and kill any chance of flipping the Senate.

If Sanders remains Trump-like in his stubbornness and know-it-all positions, we will probably hand the election to the most corrupt and dangerous person ever to hold the office of U.S, President.