Common Issues That Trump Never Mentions; 1) Racial Equality, 2) Bi-partisanship, 3) Poverty, 4)Women’s Rights, 5) Global Warming, 6) the Needs of the Disabled, 7) the Ballooning Debt and Deficit. Making Money, Being Adored, and Staying in Power Is His Ideology. The Lack of Talking About These Issues Should Worry All Americans.

The content of Trump’s speeches is repetitive diatribes about how great he is, how Democrats and sincere state Republicans are out to get him, and how the stock market is soaring. So far, he has pulled off a masterful scam on vulnerable people who need to believe someone with money and power is going to save them from poverty and from being taken over by black and brown people. The majority of Americans see his rally speeches, press conferences, and news interviews as hollow, clownish, and frightening. They also find him abnormal, self-obsessed, angry, and dangerous. However, there is a real phenomenon going on with Trump, and the closest comparison is to a cult. The Trumpism movement has captured a third of the country that unfortunately inhabits important Electoral College states. This is why it is so important to pay attention not only to what Trump talks about, but what he does not talk about.  The ignoring of these critical issues tells us to be concerned about his flawed character and psychology.

Instead of speaking on these issues that face the entire population of the U.S., Trump mainly talks about topics that rile his base’s adoration for him. He declares his border wall is being built, the stock market is excellent, the immigrants are being corraled, and in his view, world leaders admire him for his strength and mantra of “America first.” His crowds scream in excitement as if they have taken a euphoric drug. The experience of a cult high causes a deficit in reason and logic. A cultist develops an inability to read between the lines, project into the future, and think about the potential consequences of the leader’s words and actions.  A cultist will believe in and follow their leader even if it leads to their ruin or death.  The most extreme example in our history is the Jonestown Massacre of 1978, where over 900 members of the cult called the People’s Temple died by drinking poison ordered by the cult Jim Jones.

It is concerning Trump never talks about racial inequality and the importance of bringing all Americans and immigrants together to live in tolerance and peace.  What does not talking about such an apparent important issue mean?  Non-whites are left to believe he is a racist.  When confronted about being a racist, he denies it. He then makes a token gesture like inviting an African American to the White House or announcing how much he has done for communities of color.

His version of bi-partisanship is to demand that Democrats pledge complete loyalty to him and all of his policies.  Any form of ideological opposition is labeled as extreme partisanship.  Like with many terms, Trump does not understand the literal meaning of true bi-partisanship.  There is never any talk about the parties getting along, respecting each other’s differences, and compromising to get things done for the country.

He talks about job numbers, the stock market, great trade deals while never talking directly with compassion to the millions of Americans living in poverty.  He appears clueless as to how or why people end up impoverished and offers no policies that provide immediate help and hope for people in dire straits.

He talks about how much he loves women and supports woman’s issues.  However, he never talks about helping the addition of the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution.  This amendment would finally secure equality for women in the Constitution.  He also has not appointed any women to the highest positions in his Administration.  The two Supreme Court judges he appointed was also men.   When women come forward and report abuse they have suffered by men, he has sided with and sympathized with the men.  After all, he is part of that group of men who have talked about and treated women disrespectfully.

Trump does not talk to Americans about the rights and needs of the disabled community.  The only great reference by Trump acknowledging disabilities is when he mocked a reporter’s physical disability at a rally.  His new budget appears to cut services that are essential for the needs of importance to people with disabilities such as SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamp programs.

While Trump loves to talk about the stock market, trade wars, trade deals, and the unemployment rate, he avoids talking about the deficit, which is over $780 billion or the 22 trillion national debt.  He may not understand how those numbers damage the sustenance of a stable economy.  The deficit has ballooned, $113 billion dollars and the debt has risen by $2 trillion since Trump took office.  He has referred to himself in the past as the “king of debt,” so it seems despite his many bankruptcies, he has decided to handle U.S. finances in the same reckless manner.

As for the global warming issue, he mentions it quite a bit in the context of it being a HOAX.  When Trump doesn’t like something or does not understand an issue, he calls it fake or a hoax.  That is how he hides his lack of knowledge about issues he is supposed to know a lot about as president of the United States.

When a president talks more about getting re-elected and how anyone who doesn’t support him should be fired, investigated or jailed, all Americans should be worried about our democracy.  A president who uses the government to protect criminal friends and persecute his opposition is an autocrat.