Trump is Acting Like a Thug. He Retaliates Against Those Who Oppose Him or Expose His Crimes and Scandals. However, He Pardons Wrongdoers. Today He Fired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Embassador Gordon Sondland For Their Patriotic Testimony About the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Scandal. Republicans Are Trying to Warn Us That Trump is a Danger to Democracy.

The only explanation I can think of to explain Trump having any supporters is that America has more desperately star-struck people than ever imagined. The reason I believe this statement is a sound hypothesis is that Trump is crass, not bright, dishonest, vindictive, criminal, and narcissistic, and yet people still worship him. It is curious that despite the fact the Republican Party has other candidates to support their conservative views, they continue to choose an egocentric, cold, angry, unqualified, reckless and incompetent person. Before his show the Apprentice, it is reported that Trump was in financial trouble as well as extremely unpopular in the business world and in public opinion. The popularity of the show brought him back to prominence; however, the show is over, and it is time for the fans of that show to judge Trump on his character and mental stability to hold the highest office in our government.

Dr. Bandy Lee compiled essays by 37 mental health experts in the 2018 book, ” The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” The essays speculate on Trump’s behavior and mental illness. The book raises suspicion about which psychological diagnoses Trump may have. Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly?

What kind of person enjoys vengeance?

What kind of person can’t stop lying?

What kind of person hides and withholds facts?

What kind of person thinks people of color are harmful or dangerous?

What kind of person enjoys name-calling?

What kind of person values money over morals?

What kind of person claims to be religious and yet commits adultery, tax evasion, breaks laws, and is vindictive?

What kind of person spreads fake news to damage others?

What kind of person is always angry?

What kind of person has criminals and deviant people for friends?

What kind of person never exhibits compassion?

What kind of person continually brags about themselves?

What kind of person demands blind loyalty?

What kind of person cheats on their spouse?

What kind of person always thinks they are right?

What kind of person never apologizes?

What kind of man is accused by dozens of women of sexual assault?

What kind of person is continuously accused of civil and criminal charges?

One doesn’t have to be a mental health professional to know the answer to any of these questions is a person who has emotional problems and character flaws. As the campaign moves forward, maybe Trump will become incapable of successfully hiding his psychological issues. Maybe then fearful Republicans and star-worshipping supporters will realize it is time to get him out of the White House. The resistance movement is not about hating Trump. The investigations aim to reveal Trump is unfit to hold office. It is about protecting America.

Stock market numbers that are manipulated by tax cuts to the rich and angry, egocentric rallies are not going to increase wages for the average worker, protect Social Security, or lower the debt and deficit. Trump has produced a masterful con job on vulnerable people, and the resistance is trying to stop the potential damage to the middle and lower-middle-class if Trump is re-elected.

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