Trump is Creating a Dangerously Hostile Environment in Government and Across America. He is Promoting Cruelty, Vindictivesness and Demanding Hero Worship and Vengeance. When Did So Many Americans Become So Psychologically Gullible?

It is a false excuse for Trump supporters to proclaim they overlook his criminal and moral transgressions because of conservative judicial appointments and the economy. It is a lie because there are plenty of other conservative Republicans to continue those policies. From a psychological perspective, the people still drawn to Trump fall into several categories:

1. GREEDY– The wealthy or hoping-to-get rich Trump followers don’t care about values anymore. They just want money, and they believe Trump will get it for them.

Trump is clearly obsessed with money and possessions. He is like Henry the VIII, stuffing himself on everything he can get his hands on. Part of that greed involves bilking the American people of taxpayer dollars on golf trips, time at his resorts, and excessive charges to secret service who stay at his resorts. Additionally, he encourages his children to engage in foreign businesses to capitalize on the clout of his presidency

2. Evangelical Christians– They say Trump’s (phony) claim of being pro-life and his appointing Supreme Court Judges that will strike down Roe vs. Wade is why they support him. That’s not true, as they know there are moral, kinder Republicans who would take those same actions. So, from a psychological perspective, they may just enjoy watching Trump’s abusive rage towards immigrants of color because they fear to become the ” white minority.” This fear might explain why Evangelicals support racist policies and the anger and abuse that Trump inflicts on minorities. DID JESUS PROMOTE LOVE OR HATE?

3. Psychologically compromised people with low self-esteem, cultists, conspiracy theorists, abusers, narcissists, and criminals.

People of genuine conviction, like Mitt Romney, who voted to remove Trump from office, do not celebrate and support immoral, law-breaking people like Trump. Supporters who continue to disbelieve facts are either child-like or ill-informed. Supporters who do not care about Trump’s suspicious lack of transparency, documented breaking of U.S. laws, the unreligious pursuit of vengeance, adultery, needless over-spending of taxpayer money to pursue golf, vacations, and other extravagances and more, might possess the same character flaws as Trump.

These speculations do not come from a hatred of Trump supporters. Instead, they come from trying to understand why a significant portion of the population celebrates a man who falsely claims to love America, and yet has attacked all of the values and foundations that represent this country.

If re-elected, and no longer in need of a base to vote for him, his supporters should prepare to lose Medicare, Medi-caid, and Social Security benefits. He recently announced he would consider cutting those programs, and his newly released budget reflects he is going in that direction.

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