The Democrats Campaign Strategy Must Educate Americans Who Support Trump About How Lying and Abuse of Power Endanger the Security and Integrity of America. Democrats Must Clarify How Their Policies Support Affordable Healthcare, the 2nd Amendment, Fair Trade Deals, Lawful Immigration Reform and Climate Change. Republican Talking Points Against Democrats Are Fake News From a Desperate Man.

Democrats are under attack by a corrupt, dishonest, mean-spirited, autocratic president. Strategies to push back aggressively in ways that challenge Trump’s fragile ego must be used. As a therapist, it is painfully apparent that he whines, yells, and bullies because he is fearful of being exposed as an imposter. Mentally healthy people can withstand criticism and opposition without acting childish or vindictive.

Campaign strategies that Democrats must utilize are;

1. Talk about the party’s support of the 2nd Amendment. Show proof of that support, and develop a convincing slogan to accompany it. Explain the rationale for background checks and the banning of assault rifles. Talk as little as possible about gun reform on the campaign trail. The Democratic base trusts we will support gun reform, so bringing up the issue so Republicans can lie about the Democrat’s position on the 2nd Amendment is not worth the risk.

2. Explain the need to continue Obamacare. Explain the improvements the Democrats plan to make to it. Show how it will be paid for. Point out the many attempts by Congress and Trump to eliminate Obamacare with no plan to replace it. Cite current court cases started by Trump to end the law and leave millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions uninsured. Attack his false talking point that he will protect pre-existing conditions.

3. Explain your strong opposition to illegal immigration. White America has been fooled by Trump to think Democrats want open borders. This lie feeds into the fear Trump is instilling in his base about immigrants of color. Describe the steps that would address the illegal immigration problem without separating families and putting kids in cages.

4. Develop a strategy for talking about the social issues that bond evangelicals to Trump. The support of abortion rights, gay marriage, immigration reform, and separation of religion from the government are issues that push many Christians away from Democrats. The Democrats must develop a narrative that blends their religiosity with the concept of human rights. Explain why tolerance and inclusiveness is a virtue that would fit with Jesus’s compassionate humanism. Emphasize Jesus would reject Trump because of his immorality and vindictiveness.

5. Talk about the misuse of federal funds. Reveal Trump’s over-spending on golf, parties, and weekend trips. Expose the times he has attempted to redirect funds appropriated by Congress for specific policies to satisfy his own policy interests.

6. Keep public discussions about all of Trump’s pending court cases in SDNY and in federal courts; McGahn case, the release of taxes, emoluments violations, etc.

7. Appear on Fox news as often as possible.

8. Refer to him as ” impeached President Trump.”

9. Produce video ads that illustrate how he lies, disparages people of color, disrespects women, curses, mangles the English language, cozies up to adversaries, and makes promises without offering policy details.

10. Hold rallies on the same date and at the same location of his rallies.

Strategies to trigger Trump’s unstable thinking and conduct.

1. When Trump attacks Hunter Biden, threaten to investigate Ivanka’s business in China.

2. Threaten investigations of his son’s business dealings.

3. Ask him why he won’t release his taxes. Repeat information that indicates he is lying about income and deductions.

4. Show individually produced video montages of his racist rhetoric, sexist comments, dictator befriending, and indicators of possible cognitive and neurological issues.

5. Name the women who have accused him of sexual assault and the acts he is accused of doing.

6. Continuously mention the criminality of the majority of his associates. Mention those indicted, in jail, or mired in scandal.

7. Publicly ask him why he is excessively spending U.S. money on golf, travel, and grudge-driven investigations.

8. Continue to talk about excessive withholding of taxes, medical records, documents, the information in private servers, and phone conversation transcripts with foreign adversaries. Point out his overreach on executive privilege and the use of NDA’s.

9. CHANT the slogan, ” What is he hiding” at rallies and use it in TV ads.

10. When he name-calls, call him a name back, such as President liar, President cheater, President loudmouth. This will increase the odds of inciting inappropriate public rage and abusiveness.

11. Talk about the promises he has not kept.

12. Mention he lost to Clinton by 3,000,000 votes.

13. Emphasize the importance of morality in maintaining a democracy. Point out his legal and moral transgressions in campaign ads;

– Mention Trump University and Trump Foundation scandals and settlements.

– Recall the co-conspirator charged in the Stormy Daniels Payoff scandal

– Repeat the details of the Ukraine quid pro quo

– Emphasize his telling over 13,000 documented lies to the American people

– Show clips of him using curse words at rallies where youth are present

– Remind the public of his cheating on spouses

– Show him welcoming Russian help to win the 2016 election

– Show how he solicited interference in our elections from foreign countries and adversaries multiple times.





14. Encourage anti-Trump demonstrations at the offices of vulnerable Republican state senators in swing states.

We can ‘Make American Strong and Proud’ by electing a mentally healthy, moral, and qualified person to represent our Republic. Democrats need to be tough, Trump is a dirty fighter.