In a 51-49 Vote, Senate Republicans Decided to Block Allowing Witnesses and Evidence Into Trump’s Impeachment Trial. Mitch McConnell Led His Caucous Into An Historical Cover- up That Will Continue To Unfold After the Sham Trial Ends. Trump Doesn’t Get Exonerated Because There Was No Trial. Democrats Will Keep An Eye On Corruption as the Republicans Cover It Up.

Mitt Romney and Susan Collins have proven to be the only corruption-free, independent thinking Republican Senators currently serving.  In light of the information in John Bolton’s upcoming book about his first-hand knowledge of the Ukraine quid-pro-quo, Collins and Romney wanted to hear the Ambassador’s testimony. The last two Republican holds out votes, Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski, caved to McConnell’s pressure and voted NO to a fair trial. In his public statement, Alexander admitted the Democrats proved their case that Trump’s call to President Zelensky was wrong. However, he didn’t feel that the action was impeachable. Political pundits who have covered Senator Alexander for years expressed sadness that the position he took today taints his lifelong career.


Trump and his supporters will falsely cry about impeachment hoax and exoneration. However, political historians and legal experts predict Trump and his cohorts will continue the corruption and will follow Nixon, John Mitchell, Halderman, and Ehrlichman into legal and political ruin. It is probable Americans who heavily support Trump will suffer the most harm as he continues his quest to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

In addition to Senator Alexander’s admission that The House proved Trump’s behaviors were wrong, Senator Marco Rubio and Rob Portman also conceded Trump’s behavior regarding the Ukraine scandal was impeachable. This position is a transparent attempt to please Trump and simultaneously support the Constitution. In reality, they have exposed themselves as servants to corruption.

The Democratic-controlled House will continue to work “FOR THE PEOPLE” while the Republicans work for the President. Today the Senate sealed its reputation as co-conspirators in any future corruption that Trump and his Administration enact. Senators should be prepared as House Democrats continue their oversight responsibilities. They will pursue evidence offered by Rudy Giuliani’s associate Lev Parnaz and Ambassador John Bolton regarding first-hand witness proof of the quid pro quo Ukraine scandal.

The sham trial and faux acquittal of Trump is not the end of the House’s commitment to exposing future corrupt actions by Trump and his administration. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler will also pursue the resolution of all open investigations into Trump’s taxes, emoluments violations, fraud charges, and inappropriate relations with foreign governments.

The “FOR THE PEOPLE” movement by the democrats is now the primary protector of our Constitution. The Republicans have proven they are so fearful of Trump they will abandon the laws and morals on which this country was founded. As of today, they have weakened the protections the Constitution provides. The most threatening kind of dictator is the kind who hides within a democratic government while ignoring the laws and refusing many attempts at checks and balances. Dictators reject criticism or restrictions on their power. Democracy became weaker today, but out of necessity, Democrats became stronger.

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