Trump’s Pattern of Vindictive Targeting of People, States, Cities and Countries Who Oppose Him is A Sign of His Fragile, Unstable Character and Mood. Pompeo, Giuliani, Barr and Others Along With Trump, Continue to Perpetrate Abuse and Dismissiveness Towards One of His Favorite Targets, Women.

Trump has enacted policies that target to harm states and cities that did not vote for him and don’t support him. In his typical vindictive style, he has suggested actions to undermine California’s policies on immigration, air pollution, and abortion, He continues to treat women with disrespect, such as the aggressive manner he fired former Ukraine, Ambassador Marie Yovanovich. He has insulted leaders of allied countries when he does like something they say. There has never been a president who blatantly takes revenge on American citizens, states, and allies because he is mad at them. It is disheartening, so many Americans share his enjoyment of vindictiveness and abuse of people who simply hold opposing views.

Would members of Trump’s base support ANY president who feels entitled to govern guided by personal grievances? Trump’s goal of only helping or promising help to a percentage of the population could fracture our republic. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! When citizens from different states begin to hate each other or become indifferent to each other’s needs, the country is weakened and becomes vulnerable to a foreign assault on our democracy.

Trump has appointed men in high positions in his Administration that mirror his corrupt, misogynistic, and dishonest conduct. Women who feel equal to men cringe watching Pompeo, Barr, Guiliani, and others slap each other on their backs after they have “put a woman in her place.” Mike Pompeo is the most recent perpetrator of abuse towards a woman. While being questioned about Ukraine by NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, Pompeo became enraged. He ordered her into a private room after walking out of their interview. Ms. Kelly reported that he screamed at her for nine minutes, called her a liar, used the F-word, and forced her to find Ukraine on a blank map. This level of aggressiveness is inappropriate and should be a disqualifying trait for a Secretary of State.  At a White House presentation, Trump praised Pompeo for how he treated the female reporter. The predominantly male audience applauded and patted a laughing Pompeo on the back for his disrespectful bullying of Ms. Kelly.

During the Senate trial this week, Congressman Adam Schiff warned Republican Senators they could be the next target of Trump’s vindictiveness. He reminded them of the many people Trump has turned against simply because they did or said something that, in his view, wasn’t subserviently loyal to him. Schiff’s concern about Trump’s character flaws is shared by thousands of mental health professionals who have written extensively about the probability that Trump suffers from severe psychological problems.

I would have no problem opposing a Democratic politician who was corrupt, dishonest, racist, or immoral. If my choice was between a severely flawed, unqualified Democrat or a qualified, decent Republican, I would have no problem voting Republican, for the first time in my life. Americans must vote person, not the party, to preserve our democracy.

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