Deceased CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes Mentored Trump to Be Obsessed With and Hateful Towards Barack Obama. The President’s Policymaking is Guided By Deconstructing Obama’s Presidency. The Reality That Obama is Smarter, Cooler and More Popular Than He Is Triggers Trump’s Pathological Jealousy. Someone Should Suggest Therapy.

Watching the Showtime miniseries, The Loudest Voice about Roger Ailes, clarified the source of Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards President Barack Obama. Scenes of actor Russell Crowe portraying Ailes scheming to portray Obama as Muslim to Fox followers is chilling. Ailes was committed to manipulating Fox’s predominantly white audience to not just disagree with Obama’s policies, but to fear and hate him. Additionally, he labeled all Democrats as dangerous liberals.

Ailes was the originator of the hateful rhetoric and conspiracy theory journalism of Fox news. His vision killed the notion of healthy bi-partisanship and his power-hungry protege has continued this despicable Ailes legacy. Trump has also emulated Aile’s sexually deviant, degrading attitudes towards women.

Many actions Trump takes are motivated by his need to look strong. Military threats and actions are becoming his default strategy to counter negative press or poll numbers about him. His insecurities are causing him to become provocative and impulsive. These psychological weaknesses diminish America’s standing in the world and compromise national security.

A hallmark symptom of low self-esteem is the need to criticize others to elevate negative self-perception. A confident person has healthy ego strength and has no need to disparage others. The source of their confidence comes from self-acceptance and core inner strength. Trump reveals his insecurities by bragging, disparaging others, and lying. His lies create false narratives about himself to bolster his image with his base.

When Trump faces a challenge, he accuses Obama of causing the problem. He does this to create an opportunity to be a hero and feel superior. When he presents a strategy for addressing the problem he adds, “Obama wasn’t smart enough or strong enough to solve this problem, but I am”. These statements expose Trump’s severe ego pathology and to the perceptive person, he looks weak and pathetic. Adversaries can take advantage of a leader who acts desperate to be liked and respected.

Many leaders around the world have hinted Trump’s overturning The Iran Nuclear Deal, Getting out of the Paris Agreement, and attempting to abolish Obamacare appear to be vendettas, not good policy.

Ailes believed in lying to gain power, manipulating the truth to brainwash audiences and making money. Trump operates by these premises and it’s weakening our world image and national security. Americans must insist on the truth from their government officials and support impeachment when presidents do wrong.

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