The New Year Brings a Sense of Hope. The Contrast Between the Impeached Trump and the Outstanding Democrats Running for President is Stark. Imagine No More Fighting, Name-calling, Threatening, and Lying From the Oval Office. America Will Survive this Criminal Attack on Democracy and Regain it’s Pride By Defeating Trump.

Trump’s fatigue syndrome is so widespread it could qualify for a diagnosis code. Millions of people are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety in reaction to Trump’s rhetoric and demeanor. He spews anger, combativeness, and vindictiveness towards Democrats, foreign allies, the FBI, the media, and anyone who opposes him. In comparison, the Democrats comport themselves as dignified professionals.The senators, mayors, congressmen, public servants, and philanthropists running for the Democratic Presidential nomination all surpass Trump in character and accomplishments. Cut throat, mob talk is non-existent as they cross the country talking about their vision for America.

The Democratic candidates are not riddled with moral and legal scandals. They are not being sued. They are not in court with men or women they have had extramarital affairs with. None of the candidates who hold elected office are being impeached or on probation for misconduct.They are also not on Twitter and television cursing, yelling, calling names, threatening, or spreading disproven conspiracy theories. They are not spending excessive amounts of allotted government funds on golf or excessive travel. They are not pervasively lying about the information that can be fact-checked as false. His lying insults the intelligence of his base. It implies they don’t read or care about facts.America has an arrogant, narcissistic president who poses a danger to our democracy. The only branch of government he has not attempted to discredit is the Executive branch. Within that branch, he exploits the power of his office while keeping his rogue Attorney General Barr in line.

Trump isn’t a real Republican. He hijacked the Republican party by aligning with the far-right, falsely claiming he is a religious, honest, and moral person. His history disproves this claim. The far-right in power is playing Trump like a puppet. He cares about power, not the issues. He legislates solely to a base that he believes can deliver the electoral votes he needs.The Democratic candidates remind us of the kind of character, demeanor, and skill needed to be the kind of president that elevates our country. Trump has degraded our standing in the world. His brow-beaten Republican supporters have been reduced to compliant robots. If the Senate trial becomes a sham, it could result in the retaking of the Senate. A discredited exoneration will not go unmentioned by Trump’s opposition or unnoticed by voters in search of the truth.Trump fatigue needs to end.

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