Senator Mitch McConnell Admits He Has Decided the Senate Will Acquit Trump. He Has Declared There Will No Witnesses or New Evidence Allowed in the Trial. He is Brazenly Defying The Constitutions Definition of a Fair Trial. He is a Tainted Juror and Should be Removed from Controlling the Trial.

McConnell has the lowest approval rating of any US Senator. He likes being referred to as “the grim reaper,” a label he has earned by killing bills that Democrats support. He is a hypocrite, recently flipping on issues for his own political and personal gain.

During the 1999 Clinton Impeachment, McConnell argued for witnesses to be heard in the Senate trial. In an interview on CNN in 1999, he said, ” the Senate is asking for only 3 witnesses, and I think that is reasonable.” Despite the Democrats presently calling for only four witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial, McConnell is now opposed to it. His weak justification is the House had its chance to prove its case to impeach Trump, therefore the Senate is not obligated to strengthen the case to convict a president they support. The truth is, the House had to build its case without relevant witnesses because Trump ordered them not to honor subpoenas issued to them. Calling for these witnesses during the Senate trial would undo the suspicious obstruction of Congress by Trump.

McConnell is touted as being brilliant, but his blatant hypocrisy puts that assessment of him in question. He spins the truth to justify the positions he holds despite having made contrary statements in the past. He does so with an arrogant smirk that at its best is creepy and its worst pathological.

Another hypocritical flip flop involves the naming of Supreme Court judges. In 2016, McConnell blocked the confirmation hearing of Merrick Garland, Obama’s pick to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. Now McConnell has stated if a job on the court opens in 2020, he will definitely fill it. McConnell executes his powers without ethics. If being unethical was considered a crime, he would be in jail.

McConnell is fully aligned with Trump’s pattern of obstruction. He consults with Trump before making decisions on issues that should be made within his caucus. If more cooperation and transparency would exonerate Trump, why wouldn’t McConnell introduce witnesses and evidence in the trial? He is an extreme partisan player who governs to maintain power, dismissing attention to ethics. Hopefully, watchdog groups are monitoring him as it appears his primary duty is defending Trump, not the Constitution.

Lies and flip flops are proof that he cannot be trusted to construct an ethical trial. He has already announced he will make sure the President is acquitted. He has called the impeachment a sham hoax. He has declared the trial will come to a swift conclusion with an immediate vote without any new testimony or evidence being allowed. Maybe it is time to eliminate majority leaders in Congress. The ultimate power given to them undermines the will of the full body of congressional elected officials.

Moscow Mitch agrees with Trump’s position that none of his behaviors were wrong. This position signals he will continue to defend Trump even if he continues to solicit help from foreign governments to interfere in our elections for his personal and professional gain.

Kentuckians must be consistent. If they dislike McConnell as the polls indicate, they should vote him out in November. His partisan loyalty to Trump is a significant contribution to the empowerment of the most criminal president in our country’s history.

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