Questions That Trump Should Be Forced to Answer Under Oath. His Pervasive Lying is Transforming America From a Rule of Law Country into a Banana Republic.

1. Would you make the same requests of other world leaders that you made of President Zelensky?

2. To clear your name, would you be willing to let John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pompeo testify at the impeachment trial? If not, why?

3. Are the last 5 years of your taxes still under audit?

4. Does the word Russia, Saudi Arabia, China or Turkey appear in your taxes?

5. What medical tests did you have recently at Walter Reed Hospital?

6. Did you have sex with Stormy Daniels?

7. Did you have an affair with Susan McDugal?

8. To clear suspicions of inappropriate agendas with Putin, would you turn your cell phone records over to the FBI?

9. Why do you use an unsecured phone to conduct government business?

10. Can you explain the difference between Hillary’s private server and the unsecured phones that you, Jared, and Ivanka use?

11. To prove your claim of being extremely bright, will you release your college transcripts?

12. Can you explain why so many of your associates have been indicted, jailed or are under investigation for serious crimes?

13. Are you directing Rudy Giuliani to enlist Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter?

14. Is there a plan in place to protect the 2020 election from Russian interference? If yes, will you explain the plan to the public?

15. Could you explain how the national debt and deficit affect the economy in the short and long term?

16. Why don`t you force Mitch McConnell to vote on the House bill’s that are sitting on his desk?

17. Is it true that you do not read the White House daily reports?

18. Why have you placed so few women in top administration jobs?

19. Do you attend church on Sundays with your family?

20. Do you realize that you tell an abnormal amount of lies? Would you be willing to get professional help to understand why you lie so often? Do you try to stop lying, but can’t?

The Democratic candidates must try to convince all Americans that Trump does tell lies and this false information is a threat to our democracy. They must also target the dishonest, partisan attorney general William Barr and errand boy Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both have abdicated their oaths of office by colluding with the new Republican Party of Trumpism, Where is the other 50% of the Republican Party who are humiliated that Trump is the poster child for their now dying legacy once known as the party of Lincoln.

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