The Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Appear on Fox News to Educate Trump Supporters on the Truth About Their Policies. These Appearances Could Create Skepticism About the Disinformation Fox Opinion Journalists Spread.

If the disinformation format of Fox News did not exist, Trump’s lying might have already resulted in his removal from office. When Trump tells a lie, Fox News reports the lie as a truth. The repetition of the falsities convinces his viewers he is honest because that is what they want to believe. Fox and Trump share the goal of promoting right-wing philosophies that vilify Democrats, incite white nationalism, and spread lies. The vitriol is undeniable. The gaslighting strategy is of great concern because it is changing the moral and legal foundation that has defined our country throughout its history.

Fox News consumers could learn the truthful facts about the Democratic candidates and their policies if they could hear them speak and answer questions on a Fox produced program. Resistance by any candidate to appear on Fox could be a costly miscalculation. The station constantly spreads lies and negative exaggerations about Democratic policies on immigration, gun control, the economy, and the military. Trump calls into the shows falsely proclaiming Democrats want open borders. He predicts the Democrats will do away with the 2nd Amendment. These lies need to be proven false by the candidates presenting the facts of their policy positions to this conservative audience. These lies will continue to be believed by Fox loyalists if they do not hear from the Democrats directly. Fox is the only place this influence can happen. Fox viewers are not watching Rachel Maddow.

Pete Buttgieg could discuss the challenging realities that face the LGBTQ community. He could impress the impact of his military service on his ability to perform the role of commander-in-chief.

Elizabeth Warren could discuss economic issues in a way that expands beyond Trump’s limited focus on the stock market and misleading job numbers. Her experience and education in financial matters would help her clarify how Trump’s disastrous economic policies are exploding the national debt and increasing the deficit.

Joe Biden could dispell the corruption lies Trump and congressional Republicans are proclaiming about him. His calm, respectful demeanor might appeal to Trump supporters who are tired of this crass, unstable president. Biden’s years of experience in Congress and as Vice-President create an appealing contrast to the shmoozing banter of Trump the reality TV star. Biden’s integrity would reveal an appealing contrast to Trump’s trail of lawsuits, bankruptcies, infidelities, and criminality.

Democrats should do their part to reach Trump supporters and convince them their issues are important to them. These Fox appearances could help the viewers realize the importance of recovering national unity and congressional bipartisanship that Trump’s divisive agenda has destroyed. Fox inviting the Democrats will anger and threaten Trump. Doesn’t that create a strong motivation for the appearances to take place?

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