All Americans Should Be Alarmed About the Corrupt Behaviors by Trump and Republican Members of Congress. Corruption is defined as, “Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct By Those In Power For Personal Gain”. All Voters Should Seek the Facts or Not Vote. Trump is Spreading Russian Disinformation Talking Points. As Hillary Said, He is “Putin’s Puppet.”

It is frightening to realize Trump supporters disbelieve facts that prove he is corrupt. He has programmed his followers to believe all who oppose him are evil. He proclaims he is the victim, not the perpetrator, of corruption. Voters should attempt to understand what political corruption looks like. The danger it poses to our safety and prosperity is real. Trump is a cult leader and fear monger, and his tactics must be resisted.

Trump has lied over 13,000 times since becoming president. The lying and histrionic exaggerations make him appear unstable. It is well-documented that he lies to the American people to keep them believing he knows what he is doing. His lies aim to bolster the perception that he is qualified to keep the country safe and prosperous. That is one of his biggest falsehoods. The truth is he demonstrates substandard knowledge of the Constitution. He has interpreted Article 2 of the Constitution to mean, “I can do whatever I want. ” That statement is worse than a lie, as it seems he believes that egregious misinterpretation.

Here are some of the lies that he tells to replace truth with disinformation:

1. He said, ” the Obama Administration was begging for a meeting with Kim Jong Un.” Big lie. Obama wouldn’t settle for a photo OP and shmooze with Kim like Trump did.

2. He said Mexico would pay for the wall. That was never factual.

3. He proclaims the phone call to President Zelensky was “perfect’ when it has been called wrong and inappropriate by both parties.

4. He declares climate change is a hoax, despite scientific evidence that it is real.

5. He said he did not know about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniel’s. He was a co-conspirator in the payment.

6. “The Kurds are much safer now.” He said this after he withdrew our troops from Syria to justify the blunder.

7. “The Democrats want to take away all of your guns.” Democrats support the 2nd Amendment.

8. “We have the cleanest water and air than ever before.” We do not!

9. U.S. Farmers are receiving 16 billion dollars from the tariffs we have gotten from China.” WRONG. The money came from a bailout from our government.

10. He said when his supporters chanted, ” send her back,” referring to Ilhan Omar, he stopped it. He backed away from the microphone until the chant ceased.

11. He said Hillary was gravely ill during the campaign because she stumbled with weakness from pneumonia. She is fit as ever today.

12. He falsely claimed he would divest himself of his businesses once he became president. He currently profits from visitors from foreign governments staying at his hotels.

13. He said he did not know the woman who accused him of raping her in Bergdorf Goodmans. There were pictures of them from the past at social gatherings.

This kind of lying is corrupt because it’s goal is to bolster his image and self interests, not the country’s interests. Some of his lies are based on his belief in conspiracy theories. Others attempt to hide his vindictive and greedy tendencies. Irregardless of his motives, presidents cannot be liars and simultaneously protect the safety and virtue of a country. His impeachment is justified. However, when the Senate acquits him, he will go on a lying spree as he did after the Mueller Report. The lie, ” no collusion, no obstruction,” was brazen, as Mueller documented examples of those charges in the report. The truth would have been, ‘I have done those acts, but Mueller did not have the authority to charge me.” After his acquittal, he will announce, ‘”I have been exonerated. This acquittal means I did nothing wrong. Everything I did was perfect. The Democrats are corrupt, witch hunters who are afraid they can’t beat me in 2020.”

As Democrats predict, Trump will probably become more emboldened and declare new, dangerous lies like, ” presidents can ask foreign governments to investigate Americans if they want. Presidents can withhold congressionally approved military aid if they want.” Trump’s corruption is dangerous, pervasive, and will harm our democracy if he is not held accountable. A glimmer of hope is that he keeps losing cases in the courts. The Judiciary is doing it’s job to guarantee, “No one is above the law.

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