Republican Senators Who Declare They Will Vote To Acquit Trump Before Hearing Any of the Impeachment Trial Evidence, Should Be Disqualified as Jurors. Citizens Being Assessed to Serve as Jurors Are Dismissed if They Admit Bias.

When Barack Obama was elected, Mitch McConnell brazenly declared he would make sure Obama was a one-term president. Republicans have become so hateful towards Democrats they claim partisan opposition without any basis for it. It seems they are taking the same approach to the impeachment process. Before hearing any evidence in the potential Senate trial, Senators Lindsey Graham, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, and others are blatantly admitting they will vote to acquit Trump. This is extreme partisanship in it’s most dangerous form. This declaration is proof that the Republican Senate doesn’t care about getting to the truth about potential high crimes and misdemeanors that Trump may have committed. Their position declares they care more about staying in power than supporting a process that protects the Constitution and our democracy.

This toxic partisanship began with the rise of the Tea Party movement during the Bush Administration. It has now evolved into the Freedom Caucus, where working with the opposing party for the good of the country is non-existent. In fact, if a Republican publicly admits to siding with a Democratic policy or candidate, they are attacked by the president or fellow Republicans. Although the republican and democratic view of how government differs, the parties have historically found ways to come together and govern in apparent support of the Constitution. This dynamic has been destroyed by Trump, his policies, and the right-wing of the Republican Party.

The hypocrisy shown by Trump and his supporters in the government and electorate is concerning. During the Clinton impeachment, republicans believed that President Clinton’s lies about sex to Congress were impeachable. They found the impeachment process was necessary based on their interpretation of the Constitution. Presently, republicans call impeachment of Trump (for crimes higher than lying about sex), a hoax, and in violation of the Constitution. Whether their reasoning is merely partisan, hypocritical, or delusional, this position undermines our democracy.

It should be illegal for Senate jurors to admit bias before an impeachment trial. Why is the average citizen held to high standards to serve as a juror while Senators can unethically dismiss the importance and relevance of hearing evidence? If we had an attorney general who was interested in defending the Constitution instead of supporting Trump, this issue would be getting proper attention.

The partisan manner in which William Barr serves as attorney general has weakened the rule of law. Legal organizations are pursuing whether Barr should be censured or recuse himself from legal issues involving Trump Administration investigations due to his failure to be impartial. In the meantime, it seems the country is about to witness the most compromised trial in its history. The acquittal may keep Trump in office, but it will not exonerate him from being found to have committed impeachable crimes by the House of Representatives. This act will inform future generations of the corruption and degradation the Trump presidency inflicted on America. The Democrats will be remembered for fighting to preserve the check and balance aspect of our government that the Founding Fathers created to protect America against becoming a monarchy.

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