During The Impeachment Inquiry Hearings, Trump-appointed, Republican, Career Diplomats Expose His Impeachable Behaviors in The Ukraine Scandal. Trump is Afraid of Getting Caught. He Creates False Accusations, Frivolous Investigations, and Deflects Attention From His Abuse of Powers.

Trump refers to all investigations into him as witch hunts and hoaxes. He practices the obvious technique of repeating talking points over and over again in the hope that his lies will be believed. Informed, intelligent people observe these repetitive, implausible pronouncements and cannot comprehend that anyone believes them. The parade of witnesses testifying to the House were either Republican or nonpartisan which is making Trump’s declaration of a Democratic witch hunt unbelievable.

Trump’s two primary strategies to win elections is to accept Russian interference and launch criminal investigations into the opponent he fears the most. There is direct evidence of this strategy starting with the 2016 campaign where he encouraged Russia to aid in attacking Hillary Clinton. His famous declaration, ” Wikileaks, I love Wikileaks, Russia I hope you can find the 30,000 emails,” was blatant proof that he would break any law or ethical standard to win an election. His campaign to disparage Joe Biden as corrupt and ordering Ukraine and Lindsay Graham to investigate him is his most recent corrupt, blatant, abuse of power.

It is a telling and encouraging sign that so many republican and nonpartisan government officials are choosing truth and country over blind loyalty to this corrupt president. These career public servants testified bravely and proudly during the impeachment hearings despite the State Department and Trump’s attempt to block them. In contrast, the male Republican Senators looked like scared sissies, lying, spinning and grandstanding for Trump. Their defiance looked ridiculous and their indifference towards facts alarming.

Questions to ask as more and more facts emerge in this investigation are:

Can every opponent of Trump be crooked and need to be investigated?

Is it possible Trump’s 13,000 lies are truths and everyone else’s reports are fake?

Is it possible that so many of his appointees, friends or associates are criminals and he is completely clueless and innocent of wrongdoing?

Is it possible that there is nothing corrupt about Trump, his appointees, and associates engaging with so many Russians and lying about it?

If Trump is as rich as he says and has no foreign dealings with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or China, wouldn’t he reveal the taxes to exonerate himself?

The loyalty towards Trump by his supporters and the Republican members of Congress are pathological and opportunistic. His impeachment will prove he is corrupt and unfit for office. His acquittal will expose republicans no longer support constitutional democracy. The acquittal with not prove that he did not commit the crimes. Republicans have announced ahead of the trial they are going vote to acquit, so clearly their verdict corrupted. Countless careers and lives have been ruined by Trump, and more are in the dying stage.

Political analyst, Rick Wilson’s book title rightly says, “Everything Trump Touches Dies. “