Is The President Ready For A Dose Of His Own Medicine? Little Michael, Sleepy Joe, Nervous Nancy And Shifty Schiff Should No Longer Show Respect For The Office Of The Presidency Until Trump Is Removed. Is He Prepared for a Twitter Moniker That Relates to his Lies, Infidelities, Criminal Investigations or Erratic Behaviors? What Democrat is Brave Enough to do it?

When will Trump loyalists tire of the crass, immature discourse that he brings to the office of the presidency? He is a horrible role model for kids, a laughing stock to other world leaders, and an enemy to the rule of law. Supporting some of his policies should not be an excuse for Republicans to defend this racist, criminal, irrational and divisive president. The Muslim ban, the caging of families on the border, the Ukraine bribery scandal, the 10 counts of obstruction of justice documented in the Mueller Report and refusing to release his taxes are just a few examples of his unworthiness to be president.

The fact that he arrogantly bullies and demeans people, and is shown any level of respect is appalling. Those who recognize he is unqualified and unfit to hold office support the idea that he suffer the kind of attacks that he unleashes on others. Having extreme insecurities, it is doubtful he will be able to cope with the experience of being ridiculed.

During: the impeachment hearing this week, he got on Twitter and attacked the service of former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich . He tried to justify his attack on her by claiming his First Amendment right to free speech. Because he probably has not read the Constitution, he possibly doesn’t know that there are certain types of speech that are not fully protected by the First Amendment. Three examples of what is referred to asĀ  “law limiting speech” are incitement, false statement of facts, and fighting words or offensive speech. Some of Trump’s divisive speech may not always be fully protected by the First Amendment and at some point, his boundless, abusive language should get him into legal trouble.

His mean-spirited nature and pathological insecurities were apparent in today’s display of severe verbal impulsivity. The act of attempted witness intimidation by Trump should be added to future articles of impeachment. The Republican party has been enabling Trump, the most corrupt, indecent person ever to be president of the United States. By association, the Republican party has become a cult-like system of toxic opportunists. There would be no President Trump without Mitch McConnell. There would be no President Trump without the blind loyalty of the far right-wing of the Republican party. I also believe, that there will be NO President Trump in 2020, if the millennials, women and black community vote, or if somehow he resigns to avoid being jailed for his crimes against our democracy.