Trump Is Trying To Out The Whistleblower Whose Anonymity Is Protected By The Whistleblower Law. His Aggressive Vendettas Are Beneath The Office Of President And They Border On, If Not The Break Law. The Constitution Tells Us That A Person Like Trump Should Not Be America’s President.

Trump’s behaviors have made it clear that he thinks he is above the law. He breaks tax laws, emoluments laws, nepotism laws, and constitutional laws in plain view. During the campaign when he declared “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it” he was telling the world that a dictator was soon to become the next American president. Although many people in his business life have openly hated and disrespected him for years, he was still being groomed by right-wing Republican extremists to win the electoral college. But his flaws in character and incompetence are being revealed as witness after witness testifying in the impeachment inquiry are exposing his abuse of power and his policies that are dangerously driven by narcissism. Republicans are afraid of him and have committed to protecting him in pursuit of keeping their jobs and avoiding his abusive attacks on Twitter.

It is disturbing to listen to Trump’s mean, angry, yelling about something or someone every day. Especially unnerving is his aggressive pursuit of revenge towards people who oppose him or threaten his blatant abuse of power. Like a true narcissist with sociopathic tendencies, Trump admits that he enjoys revenge. He seems to lack compassion, empathy, or forgiveness towards others. He shows an inability to understand the importance of fairness and reciprocity in relationships. These emotional and cognitive deficits that he demonstrates create a clear and present danger for our national security.

His obsession with the whistleblower exposes many of his mental issues. His repetitive talking and tweeting about revealing the whistleblower’s identity indicate a pathological level of obsessiveness and lawlessness. It is obvious that he is threatened by the effect the whistleblower report has had on his impending impeachment. His insecurities cause him to take immature, aggressive retaliatory actions against people who he feels inferior to.

The Founding Fathers hoped the Constitution as they wrote it would guarantee presidents would act morally and be qualified to protect our hard-fought democracy. However, the 25th Amendment and the three co-equal branches of government systems have not proven to be protection enough from a president who is trying to be king. Ben Franklin once said, ” We have a republic if we can keep it.” He knew that maintaining a democracy would difficult.

The impeachment inquiry is a monumental effort by respected Republican diplomats to keep our democracy from once again becoming a monarchy. #impeach and remove the mad king.

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