Gathering Information on All of Trump’s Crimes Should Continue After The Impeachment Trial and Right Up to The 2020 Election. The Investigation Must Not Be Limited by a Timeline. The 2016 Election Didn’t Stop Comey From Announcing Another Investigation of Hillary One Week Before Election Day. No Timeline Should Stop Democrats From Continuing to Investigate Trump.

Morals, ethics, and the Constitution should guide the process of the impeachment inquiry. A timeline should not be put on Congress in their pursuit of the truth about Trump’s attempt to extort favors from the president of Ukraine. He asked President Zelensky for dirt on Joe Biden and to conduct an investigation of Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election. Such actions are prohibited by the US Constitution. There should be no limits placed on the process of discovering the facts about Trump threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine. This threat endangered both the national security of Ukraine and the United States. Ukraine’s geographic location makes them crucial in the fight against aggressive Russian military action towards democratic countries in Europe.

The Democrats overconcern themselves with how their actions are perceived by others. In the past, fear of being judged as unfair or corrupt has stifled the strength of their efforts in pursuing inquiries and investigations. In contrast, Republicans go after the Democrats with aggression that makes them look more passionate about their views and policies than their opponents. Democrats overthink and over strategize their agendas. and the result is their efforts appear weak and passive. Somewhere in between arrogant aggressiveness and overcaution is a fair and professional approach to seeking the truth.

Imposing a timeline feeds into the Republican playbook which accuses the impeachment inquiry into Trump as being unethical because of the upcoming 2020 election. A timeline rushes the process and limits critical legal processes to occur. The longer Trump’s behavior remains unchecked, the more damage he will to our global reputation and our national security.

Trump’s pervasive lying has normalized into a Russian- like, fake news, political discourse that is transforming our democracy into a fascist government. History will show that Trump’s assault on legal immigration, foreign policy, and emoluments clause violations put America’s economy and national security at risk. Those who oppose Trumpism outnumber those who support it, so there is hope for America to survive this dark presidency. The investigations of all of Trump’s constitutional violations must continue even up to the eve of the 2020 election.