Rural American Trump Supporters Should Answer These Questions About the Day To Day Benefits They Are Experiencing From Trump’s Policies. They Should Also Answer Questions About His Morals.

Directions: Set aside your fan worship of Trump and answer the following questions. Don’t be afraid. This questionnaire is anonymous, so no matter how much Trump might dislike your answers, he won’t be able to cruelly attack you on Twitter.

1. Have the costs of your prescription drugs gone down?

2. Has the price of food gone down in your city?

3. Are your wages increasing?

4. Are you comfortable with Trump’s goal to eliminate Obamacare?

5. Are you uncomfortable with Trump’s adoration for dictators who are known to murder people?

6. Are you suspicious that Trump’s refusal to disclose his taxes means that he might have committed tax fraud?

7. Do you care if Trump doesn’t pay taxes?

8. Do you understand that if Trump has business ties with China, Russia, Turkey or Saudi Arabia our national security would be threatened?

9. Do you see any danger in encouraging foreign governments to interfere in our elections?

10. Do you think it is a good idea for a president to appoint friends and family to positions that they are not qualified for?

11. Do you agree when Trump refers to immigrants and minorities in derogatory terms?

12. Do you think Trump demonstrates competence in understanding the content in the Constitution?

13. Do you tell your children to talk and act like Trump?

14. How much money have you made in the stock market since Trump’s election?

15. If future Democratic presidents behave like Trump, will you continue to think that behavior is acceptable?

16. Do you find it concerning that many of Trump’s friends or associates are in legal trouble?

17. Do you think it matters if a president has low morals like cheating on their spouse?

18. Do you know that under Trump both the national debt and deficit have ballooned?

19. Do you have any curiosity about why so many of Trump’s policies favor Russian interests?

20. Do you ever wish Trump would stop using Twitter to vent his anger and threaten people?

21.  Are you willing to keep supporting Trump if he gets rid of Obamacare and insurance companies can once again legally exclude your pre-existing conditions?

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