Republican Senators, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, And Others Believe That Presidents Can Violate The Constitution And Stay In Office. They Are Traitors To Their Oaths. Non- Trump Republicans Better Start A Movement To Save Their Party From This Hostile Takeover.

It is embarrassing to watch these grown men whine and scream about a process which the US Constitution created as an aspect of our democracy. Impeachment isn’t about party bias. It is about holding the executive branch accountable to the standards and laws are written in our Constitution. The survival of the three co-equal branches of government relies on each branch being able to carry out its responsibilities which the Constitution assigns to them.

These rabid Republican Senators are acting as if the House majority has invented criteria for impeachment that is not consistent with the standards of the Constitution. Thanks to George W. Bush, The Tea Party wing of the party was formed which has degraded even further into the Freedom Caucus. These segments of the Republican party have eliminated any interest in or opportunity for bipartisan politics. They are always on the attack, seeking to divide the parties and vilify all Democrats.

People with high self-esteem can state their opinions with passion and conviction without being angry or needing to disparage their opponents. Trump Republicans mirror his aggressive and divisive personality which is incrementally degrading national morality and civility. They show no interest in pursuing compromise and no show of respect for opposing ideas about governing.

Right-Wing Republicans are vicious in how they engage with Democrats. One misleading strategy they use is to paint the entire Democratic party as left-wing socialists. They inaccurately use the term socialism to scare voters away from listening to the Democrat’s viewpoint. The Democrats do not behave as viciously in their opposition to Republicans and their policies. However, if they did decide to match their opponent’s aggressiveness, the socialism chant might be responded to with the fascism chant. Trump’s style of governing and political ideals are in perfect alignment with a fascist-style of government.

Democratic policies encourage social programs without adopting socialism’s extreme form of governmental controls that limit individual rights. Lying and distorting the facts are the Republican’s desperate strategies to distract from their alliance to the worst president America has ever elected. Their fear of Trump has caused them to abandon their oath to uphold the Constitution. What will be more satisfying, watching Trump leave the office or watching the senators eat crow?

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