Compare How Bill Clinton Behaved During His Impeachment To How Trump Is Behaving. His Hysteria Indicates Guilt, Moral Bankruptcy And Emotional Volatility . He Is Threatening And Bribing People To Obstruct Justice. Our Democracy Is Still Standing As The House Moves Towards Impeachment.

Bill Clinton fought to keep his party behind him during his impeachment in 1998. Until he was found to have lied to Congress under oath, he denied and lied to the American people. After the impeachment process, Clinton apologized to the American people for his inappropriate behaviors with Monica Lewinsky and for lying about it under oath. There is no evidence that he attempted to blame others for his actions. There is no evidence that he threatened or bribed other people to lie for him. In other words, he eventually took responsibility for his actions and was contrite. He did not exhibit the emotional and moral pathology, which, Trump’s behaviors indicate. He acted like a man, not a whiny victim. During his impeachment, Clinton continued to focus on his duties as president, approving funding for Head Start programs and other projects to improve the lives of the American people.

Trump, on the other hand, is acting like an out of control, angry, unstable mess. He is screaming, name-calling, threatening people, and telling a lie after lie and denying facts. He is disparaging the credibility of all the witnesses who have defied his attempts to block their testimony. He has engaged in obstructing the evidence of others by threatening their political reputations. Unlike Bill Clinton’s ability to cope and function during his impeachment, Trump is rattled and obsessed with discrediting the House’s right to impeach him.

He spends an embarrassing amount of time on Twitter attacking members of the House, career State Dept. Republican witnesses in the inquiry, and any Republican that is critical of his behaviors. With the amount of time he spends on Twitter, watching television, golfing, and holding rallies, it is no wonder he is not accomplishing much for the American people. Trump can thank Obama for handing him an economy strong enough to survive his incompetence.

Even when there is documented proof that he has lied, he never admits to it. Instead, he flips the narrative and calls the truth-tellers liars. Only gullible people under his spell believe him anymore. His lies have become so transparent that it causes the average person to laugh or cringe.

When you compare Trump’s behavior to other men who have had to withstand the pressure of facing legal or political problems, he looks fragile and insecure. This is not the man who should hold the most complex, stressful job in the world. Until he is out of office, the US will remain a house of cards.

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