The Degree To Which Trump Resists Transparency Is A Clear Sign He Is Hiding Illegal, Unethical, And Criminal Acts. His Patterns Indicate Severe Mental Health Problems That Should Wake Up His Supporters To Choose Democracy Over Party.

For someone who strongly professes innocence when accused, Trump never produces evidence to clear himself. He expects his words to be believed simply because he said them. He doesn’t encourage his supporters to read facts, as he likes them to stay ignorant of the truth.

Trump’s behavior meets the criteria for The DSM V disorders of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-social Personality Disorder. People with personality pathology have disturbances in managing challenges to their ego. A narcissist needs to be the center of everything that is happening. They process information with a self-important focus. They project false confidence to hide their insecurities. They have weak egos and low self-esteem, and their grandiosity is a way to reduce painful, insecure feelings.

A person with an anti-social personality disorder also processes information from a “me” centered position. They engage in behaviors that are self-serving and self-preserving. Practices such as lying, manipulating, and cheating dominate how they operate. Lack of connection and empathy are also characteristic of this personality disorder. People are used as pawns, as a means to a preferred self- interested end.

If Trump’s own words and actions are factually analyzed, his loyalists would have a difficult time offering convincing arguments in his defense. Evidence that he has these traits are recorded in his tweets, his rallies, and whenever he appears in public. When he dog-whistles potential violence if he is not agreed with and obeyed, his supporters should be convinced he is dangerous. Preserving safety for individuals or the country is not essential to him.

A president whose governing style is motivated by self-interest is dangerous to democracy. What is preferred by such an individual is not always what is best for the group. By Trump asking President Zelensky to look for dirt on Joe Biden, he diminished his integrity and made himself vulnerable to foreign leaders who now see him as compromised.

As Americans, we must commit to voting for a candidate from either party who isn’t mentally ill, cruel, or a criminal.

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