Despite Being Constantly Maligned By Trump, America’s Intelligence Community Executes A Raid That Corners ISIS Leader Badgdadi In Northern Syria. The CIA And US Military Do their Jobs Despite The Bogus Commander-In-Chief.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died on Saturday when he detonated a suicide vest as the American military closed in on him. The mission to capture or kill Baghdadi had been planned for some time. With the help of US Kurdish allies and information obtained from an Iraqi informant, the American military chased Baghdadi into a tunnel where he killed himself and 3 of his children who he had taken with him.

Trump awkwardly took credit for the mission, pounding his chest in an embarrassing display of insecurity. In cringe-worthy fashion, he declared that the capture of Osama Bin Laden under Obama was not as important as his capture of Baghdadi. Instead of talking about what the capture means for national security, Trump had to pitifully compete with and try to beat the man who most triggers his shame and insecurity. The White House staff should hire a psychotherapist to meet with Trump before he gets on camera to deliver one of his insecurity-laden speeches. A professional might be able to stabilize his anxiety and reduce his lying and needy self-promotion.

No president has ever disrespected our intelligence community, FBI, and military generals more than Trump. The diminishment of these groups is the strategy he uses to discredit incriminating investigative findings against him by these agencies. Trump is clearly not a patriot. Hugging a flag or wearing a red hat with a slogan does not make one a patriot. He resorts to theatrics to distract from his lack of understanding of and respect for the Constitution. His constant lying and spreading of fake conspiracy theories are transforming our country into Russias’ cousin.

Trump supporters must pay attention to the facts being presented in depositions by an impressive group of Republican career diplomats. Each has expressed extreme concern about the quid pro quo telephone conversion with Ukraine President Zelensky. They are exposing dangerous truths about Trump’s disdain for democratic governing, his pathological dishonesty, and a pattern of breaking norms and laws that will increase his power, and decrease the power of the US Constitution.

Impeachment will send a message to Americans that the House of Representatives is executing their duties as described in the Constitution. The Senate is arrogantly foreshadowing their commitment to acquit Trump, but the House can hold it’s head up high. The acquittal will be rightfully interpreted as a rejection of democracy, not an exoneration of Trump. The Republican fake news will brand acquittal as innocence, but the documentation of his crimes will make his guilt apparent. As Robert Mueller said, ” a president can be indicted for crimes he commits while in the office once he leaves the office. #Trumpresign